Quote of the day – A Generation Of Critics

Those who criticize our generation forget who raised it.

I really love this quote, and it reminds of people complaining about kids and how they behave and what their attitudes are like.

The recent riots certainly make a lot of people point fingers and then also made some step back and wonder.. who is really to blame…

We can say it’s the upbringing and the parents but a carpenter can only do his best with what tools he is given. So I do think the blame at times goes further and beyond in many ways.

A very short sentence with a very deep meaning….


20 responses to “Quote of the day – A Generation Of Critics

  1. Ain’t it the truth though???

    Thanmks for the visit and comment Aneesa (Love the name!).

    I have the track on MP3 – showing my age!!! LoL!!!!

    God Bless!


    • i love reading about your day… and we get to keep an eye on you and see that you are doing ok…

      I finally got round to putting my name up.. glad you like it.. 🙂


  2. Yes IMT… Ahhh Aneesa, a very nice name,
    and here you have added some very sound
    words too… How delightful

    Do have a most wickedly
    excellent rest of weekend 🙂

    Androgoth Xx

  3. NO I dont agree.. with it all .. the blame does lie far .. in the policy makers and the so called DO GOODERS .. who are all for human rights the this good or that good in all that they have made the society that is now …

    I think the best way to deal with this all is To stop benefits FULL STOP.. you dont work you dont get money … All will fall in place when people have to ACTUALLY work and work hard to make some money ..

    • Said like a true tax payer!! 🙂

      it makes me mad that these people who are perfectly healthy and able to work “choose” not to…

      I could do a rant on this…

  4. It’s official, I love your blog.
    Hahaha, thanks for leaving a comment on my page by the way. It really means a lot.
    Anyways, back to the post, I completely agree with what you said.
    If you let it sink in, it’s a very powerful quote that hits home.
    On a sidenote, I think it’s amazing you almost have 2,000 likes on FB.
    That’s a feat in itself!

    • i wish it would hit home to those people who have the power to change things and make a difference…

      Thanks for dropping by and the Fb thing is an achievement in itself.. makes me proud 🙂

  5. Hey there.

    Don’t we live in a “blame culture society”? Let’s take the riots as an example then…if we said each and every person directly involved in the looting was a result of bad parenting, then that would be a generalised statement.

    I am sure a majority of parents try their level best to create the right environment for their children, however they may not be able to control who their kids hang around with outside of the house, or not even know.

    Bad company is always the main driver.

    Happy to go on record to state that this generation definately lacks the required discipline compared to previous generations. Is this because today we have everything and no longer feel the hunger and that even those things that are out of our reach, we manage to find a few to “grab them”?

    Note to author: I always get stuck in terms of what generation I classify myself in. i.e. my colleague at work as two teenage kids, however he is probably only 5 years younger then my mother. I, her son, only 5 years short of 40. So what generation do I belong to in comparison to the yobs we saw on t.v.?

    Have a nice day

  6. You know when things go wrong we always look for reasons and to know why.

    The blame does lie somewhere and it goes beyond blaming the parents.. that’s the point I was trying to make. I think you missed it.

    I said “a carpenter can only do his best with what tools he is given” meaning that even parents can only do their best with what they are given to work with.

    Where do most people learn to be parents? from their own parents so that is a huge factor in how you bring up your kids. Most parents do a good job but if bad parenting is involved then it does reflect in your own parenting. Unless you saw their mistakes and vow not to repeat them on your own kids.

    What your community provides for your children. You mentioned the company they keep. We live in a beautiful village that consists of about 560 family homes, 2 – 5 bedrooms. There is plenty of land around us but nothing built for the children to use. Like a community centre or even a park for them to go and play on the swings. When I pulled up the people who had the power to provide something there answer was nobody wants a park in their backyard.. or near their flamin house as it will disturb them. So instead we have kids playing outside and wandering about upto no good. Now the council keep giving permission for new builds ( family homes ) yet nothing is being designated for the kids… its all about making a quick buck but not caring about what they are creating. Which is communitites of bored kids that have nothing to do. And we all know what boredom leads to.

    I think too much phsychology has messed up some parents too. Look how much stuff they claim that parents do that harm the kids. They even say too early potty training causes harm… i mean .. bloody hell… The more time goes on and the more stuff that comes out of their mouths the more parents try to take on. For instance … and this is just one small example… when i was studying it was made very clear what was expected of me when it came to homework and study etc… i had to sit and do it.. no tv etc They other day i heard you should let your child decide when it does homework and how, with music on or not, with friends or not, at home or not. Saying that every child is different and needs to find what works for them. So one friend followed this example ( afer a school workshop told her the same thing ) and left her kids to it. She ended up with most of them panicking on a sunday night trying to cram all their homework in and one not doing so well in his exams. Where as before when she pushed him to sit down and study he was doing fine. I remember how strict my parents were about how we behaved in the house and not to treat it like a playground. Nowadays its let the kids be kids and suddenly they dont know how to behave in their own home when they’re visitors around etc. The list goes on… but i’m sure you get my point.. the lack of discipline comes from confused parenting … not bad parenting…

    ( please don’t shoot me if you don’t agree… its my opinion! )

    As for your generation.. you ask me… I don’t know what generation I’m in how can i tell you…. 😛

    • Thanks for the response, that was great, no shooting required. There’s a thin line between routine and letting kids be free (to a certain extent).

      You know, sometimes we try and push our kids into being so grown up and only too well know that Life does get difficult as you grow up and take on more responsibilities.

      You know people of other cultures often feel suprised that we move out of parents home so late or stay with our parents. I often feel its because our parents know how difficult life can be and provide a shield for as long as they can sustain it, and that’s nice, you can’t beat that. You can still grow up in the big bad world and have that family unit.

      I guess what I meant to say is let kids be kids but help them move into a nice life routine where they understand the importance of getting the “work related” things done first then have some fun time.


      • you have the right attitude and i wish you all the success on your parenting… and I pray that one day I do just as well..

        It’s a shame a lot of people don’t realise how right their parents were until it’s too late… when they speak they speak from experience and mistakes too… they know what they are talking about.. they can see a consequence before we even set out on that particular path… I think we need to also learn to trust our parents more… and no matter whatever their guidance is and whatever their decisions are for us…. they will never deliberately set out to make the wrong ones for us..

  7. We have the same problems here in the UK, with kids being sold short and ending up violent and disaffected.

    We have people who are so-called experts telling people to give their kids freedom and the end result is anarchy!!!

    Emily (I looked after her from birth) was never willing to do her homework, preferring to be out at clubs with her mates and expected me to do her homework for her!!!

    Needless to say I put a stop to THAT!!!

    Once she buckled down and actually DID work she ended up in University and I coached her through the entire process and she passed with a 2/2 and became a good primary school teacher until she had Isabella, but she’s more worried about the kid’s clothes getting dirty than whether her child is too hot or, more often, too cold.

    Somehow it feels like my fault for not teaching her better…

    Lord knows how Isabella is going to grow up – and now Emily has a new child, a boy, so I am dreading how he is going to be brought up…

    Love and hugs!


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