Zara Phillips Weds Mike Tindall

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Diana and Katie Photographed together!!

US magazine imagines Diana at 50 with Kate by her side

The latest issue of US magazine Newsweek has Princess Diana and Kate Middleton on the cover – and the images have been digitally altered to show Diana as she might look if she was alive today.

The cover feature, titled ‘Diana at 50’, is written by British journalist Tina Brown, who is editor-in-chief of the magazine.

In the article the writer imagines that Princess Diana would now be Facebook friends with Camilla Parker-Bowles, would have an ‘it’s complicated’ relationship status and would have 10 million Twitter followers.

The cover image of Diana, which has been digitally aged, shows her still looking slim and toned, with few visible wrinkles.

Despite initially feeling threatened by her new daughter-in-law, Tina Brown says that Diana would be good friends with Kate.

She says: “The rising public adoration of Kate would have afforded Diana some tricky moments. Diana would have had to adjust to a broadening of the limelight. ”

Tina Brown also claims that Diana would be living in New York, after having married two more times. She believes that she would have dumped Dodi Fayed, the boyfriend who died with her in the August 1997 car crash.

She claims that the Princess would still be a fashion icon and would have a good relationship with Prince Charles and Carole Middleton, William’s mother-in-law.

Ms Brown, who also write the book The Diana Chronicles, says: “I believe her best male friend in later years would have been, poignantly, her reviled first husband.

“As the financier Sir James Goldsmith once put it: ‘When you marry your mistress, you create a job vacancy’, and Charles, having married Camilla would suddenly have found the company of his ex strangely comforting.

“Diana, with time, would no longer have found Charles’s causes tiresome.

“Rather, she would have empathised and asked his advice about hers.”

She also believes that Diana would have made peace with Camilla.