Bloody Pot Holes!

Recently my car was in for repairs and it cost me over a grand to get my merc fixed. I was not a happy person.

Those of you who will know this, Mercedes spare parts cost a bomb and one of mines cost me over £400.

Anyway the garage was totally baffled as to how these certain things got broken, he asked me had I been in an accident? Answer was no.

The car had started making funny noises after I went over this really pot filled bumpy road. It was like a something was rubbing against something. He goes that must have been one helluva road. I replied to him that if you go on Vicky Road you can see for yourself. He very sternly told me that he never drives his car down there for that very reason, the speed bumps and pot holes.

Well thanks for telling me, but  a little good advice a little too late. Twat!!

One of the rods under the car near the hub or on the hub (don’t know what it’s real name is – I’m a female ok  – don’t need to know these things!) was cracked. He had removed it and called me over to look at it, it was made of really heavy metal and weighed a ton and lo and behold it had a crack in it. How the hell does metal just crack like that.

Because of the bad weather the roads are in some state, I now drive more carefully and slowly and avoid any stupid holes I see in the road now. Sometimes I find myself zig zagging along the road trying to avoid them. One day I will be stopped for being under the influence whilst driving 😛

The mechanic did say that I should sue my local council as it’s their jobs to keep these roads in good condition. After seeing this article today I wish I had, they so bloody deserve it…

£2,000 pothole win to open floodgates?

potholes, speed bump
A garage estimated it would cost £2,000 to repair the wheels of Hamilton Bland’s Merc due to local Coventry potholes. Despite threats of huge legal costs from Coventry Council, Bland persevered, took the council to court – and won. Other councils, take note!

If you’re in a hole…

Or if you’ve got a hole, fill it. That’s the advice to many councils following Bland’s victory. It’s thought private drivers spend up to £500m collectively on repairs to their car following pothole damage. But many cash-strapped councils will be reluctant to, for all the usual reasons.

Many will be get away with it, because most of us don’t have the time and energy to pursue a claim. Part of the reason UK roads aren’t maintained is that nothing like the amount of revenue raised by private motorists through taxes is channelled back into maintaining them.

Cars are also heavier these days. Think of all the 4x4s thundering around. Even the average ‘small’ car easily weighs a ton. Look at the latest sixth-generation Ford Fiesta: a standard petrol model tips the ton at 1,041kg curb weight; the original 1976 model weighed in at around 700kg.

Take action

“Taking the council to court was a risk I was prepared to take,” Bland told the Mail. “I always felt I was right – you don’t have to be the world’s greatest detective to know the road had some dangerous potholes. Had a cyclist hit one of the potholes it would have been very serious indeed.” may be able to help those with the determination to take on their local council in the meantime. Take photos, report the pothole, use the Freedom of Information Act, and don’t be deterred.


17 responses to “Bloody Pot Holes!

  1. You can always sue them now .. Jsut try one of those No win No fee Solicitiors , you never know … you might get some of it back what you have spent ..

    and you havce a merc WOW.. Rich you are 🙂 I cant afford one ..

    That reminds me I need mine serviced billlssssssssssss 😦

    • I’m a simple gal.. it’s my only luxury… but it becomes useless in the icy weather and then i start cursing it… inni v ameer nei janab 😛

      Yeah I could still sue… I’m seriously thinking it.. because I’ve constantly got garage bills because of them…

      • You need a 4X4 for this weather 🙂
        Of course you could always strap some
        Skis onto your Mercedes… but don’t let
        those Traffic Wardens catch you or else?

        Have a fun weekend now my friend 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

  2. So what’s the solution to potholes? Maybe trade your merc in for a 4 wheel drive me dear. That way won’t even feel the sensation of going over a pothole, when your head and neck shudder away.

    Other then that, you could take a huge tube of “Pollyfilla” and cover up the potholes one dry sunny evening, we will all come up and give you a hand….not really helping am I? Sorry…..

    Can the garage guy relate the damage to potholes? Not sure whether the cost and hassle of dragging Glasgow Council through the courts really put you in a profitable position should you win 🙂

    Scrap the idea around 4 wheel drive……how about an Autorickshaw?

    Have fun

  3. hmmmmmmmmmmmm….. i can just see myself riding along in my rikshaw and bouncing out of it when we hit the potholes.. mashwara acha dette ho janab.. 😛

    I like the polyfilla idea better… we should all buy a tube and get together and fill in these dam holes… 😛 you are so very helpful 😛

    To sue them I need photographic evidence of the holes.. like pics.. but having said that.. there are still plenty of potholes about that i can photograph and blame… yeah the garage will back me up too…

    You know, I heard the other day that quite a few people are doing these scams of suing the council for damage… all u need is apparently some photographs and a garage to back u up on the bills… so all in all you need a crooked mechanic and crooked solicitor for the job.. now hard can that be 😛

  4. In the UK, society has forgotten how to complain. The first thing one should do is to write a complaint letter to the local council, accompanied by a photo of the actual pot hole and also a photocopy of the repair bill/quote from the Merc garage (in my case a Rangrover). If all fails you local MP needs a polite reminder of his duties and no harm then reminding him and the council of your blog.

    lets start complaining to the local council.

    • and do you know what they reply? that unless the pothole is so many inches deep they are by law not liable for any damage.. that is why the deep ones do get seen to very quickly…

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