Your “me” has had enough!

Sometimes I don’t want to be “your” me

Sometimes I even don’t want to be the princess I was born to be

There are times I just want to be “my” me.

“Me” would be, not being your “my….

Where your mess isn’t my mess

Where life has no creases or stress

Where your tears aren’t my tears

Where your fears don’t become my fears

Where life makes me laugh instead of cry

I want to be known as just  me

Where this “me” can fall ill and rest

Where “me” never has to be at her best

Where “me” can cry too and know

That someone else has a little love to show

Where on “me” there are no expectations

To be someone who just wants to be “me”

😦 Sometimes I don’t want to be your “me” 😦


47 responses to “Your “me” has had enough!

  1. Greetings,

    Nice but rather sad, I am guessing you are not feeling up to your normal self?

    I am not going to second guess the situation that made you write this.

    You know they used to call me the “black sheep” in my family because I didn’t opt to do the “cool” things like hanging out till late. But I got to do my things, be me, at least be in control 98% of the time….

    Have a very nice day 🙂


    • It’s windy and rainy here… so it fits in perfect with my mood… life is just crap sometimes.. plain and simple…

      Sometimes you are living upto so many roles in your life… and honouring your responsibilities to perfection .. just so there is no come back on you for falling short… that the “me” gets lost … 😦

      • As long as you know what the “me” stands for, then there’s something you can hold onto until the time is right.

        Agree life is crap sometimes…..

        I would like someone to give me a definition of falling short – for me….

        Be Truthful
        (Try) and live an honest life
        Share or help those less fortunate then yourselves.

        To me, achieving these means I would never fall short in anyone’s eyes and if I do then only in the eyes of Him who has the total right to judge me.


        • I just wrote something similar today, sorta … you be you. What is annoying is the comments when something you do, that works for “you” is picked at by others. I’m all for improvement but I”m not all for belittling…

          Com’er!! ((((( hug ))))

          • mystery i did read what you wrote and yeah sometimes even when you know what you are doing is right or you are just getting on with it.. some people just nit pick and make things worse… grrrrrr

        • I just try to be the person my ( late ) parents wanted me to be… because in my heart I feel my duty to them will never be over… I want people to look at me and see what a great job they did in bringing me up… So tomorrow when I am judged by the almighty HE i can stand proudly with my head held up and say yeah i did the one of the things that i was brought up to believe in and that is… when your parents are gone you still continue to honour them…

          My only short fall would be that im in certain roles that I have fallen into and am tired now… just want a break now and again… want someone to for once look after me… instead of me looking after them…

  2. Life is shit, sometimes. But we move on to better days 🙂
    I hope one day you get to be the “me” you aspire to be.

  3. No worries Aneesa love- life can be pretty crap at times, but in the end it is our choice to remain in the same situation, or do something about it.

    When you’re in Hell keep going – it never pays to stay in one place…

    Love and hugs!


  4. Yes living up to others expectations is not a lot of fun, but you know it doesn’t matter what others think as long as you are alright within yourself, okay so that is very easy to say but whenever anyone is getting you down with their idealistic thoughts and high on a pedestal wants, their set out vision that is not of your wanting then just take a few deep breaths and sit a while, ponder your own future and who knows where your ‘Me’ times will eventually settle. At the end of the day we as individuals have to live our own lives, find our own destinies and whatever others have planned for us is their own dream…

    What is imperative is that we choose our own direction in life, or perhaps a compromise? I hope that the real ‘Me’ that is ‘YOU’ has the opportunity of finding your own path without the hindrance of others that only think that they know what you want.

    Be well now Aneesa…

    Androgoth Xx

    • You know I wonder what if when it comes to the time of me getting to be my “me” it’s too late.. that what I wanted has passed my by or is no longer available to me… how will i cope and live with that..

      while living in these webs and chains that have been throwing over me im struggling to be with and please people i really do care about and do things i really want to do… the worst part is.. im needed… desperately … and i just cant get up and walk away…

      thanks for you words.. they mean a lot.. you always give such in depth replies showing you have understood and thought about things before you reply… always look forward to seeing what you have got to say..

      wish you a nice day… hugggzzzz

      • You are very welcome my friend, and you know when one is needed as you clearly are no matter what the sacrifice may be it is all worthwhile, and one day you will achieve your own wants, life has many twists and turns Aneesa and sometimes it does seem like one is in a never ending spiral but then rather miraculously it can all turn rather positive, and usually when one least expects it so never feel as though your time has vanished, as time is a very wonderful thing and ones own dreams can come true my friend, in time…

        Be very well now Aneesa and thank you for your kind thoughts 🙂

        Androgoth Xx

  5. hi thanks for visit you know be yourself we waste too much time being what others expect or want us to be lifes too short be yourself and find happiness hugs jen xx

  6. You sound like you could use a good old fashioned hug… I’m sure your parents would be proud of you. I understand what it feels like to want someone to take care of us now and then too… come here! SQUISH…

    You’re doing a good job… breaks are okay. No? They’re good for you… we need those, we need self care so we have the strength to take care of others as well. It’s important too… it’s not selfish. Mwa. 🙂 I gotta go to work!

  7. Honey I gave a very quick response above, it’s not one that I feel is helpful. What are the things your parents instilled in you that are importnat to you that you feel you may not be living up to? If any… I mean, it’s difficult to be so hard on ourselves and we all are from time to time. Me too… XO I have to go to work… 🙂 Sorry!

    • hey don’t worry your hugs especially the squishy ones are making me feel so much better.. and you know thats probably all i want is someone to turn round and say .. hey you know you are doing a great job and hugggggzzzzzz

      Our parents wanted us to all be there for each other no matter what happened to help out when things would be bad and tough… we are at those times in life now and have been for the past few years… ive done my bit.. not so much because they would have wanted it but because i could see my help was desperately needed too. Ive been there day and night … ive done it all.. given up everything and my own life… it’s only a matter of time things will get sorted and things will get better… but untill then i too need to know that someone is there for me too.. there just never is…

      • I understand… it’s just that sometimes you need support too… I understand. You have virtual support which is nice, helps me quite a bit at times.

        Oh you feel better after squishy hugs? SSSSSSSSSSSSSQUISH!

  8. It’s a good point, Aneesa, that we tend to try and live up to others expectations, whilst ignoring what’s more important,…Our own ‘me’ time … which should be acknowledged and fully accepted by those who should understand but, alas, very seldom do. It’s not selfish to want ‘space’ to breathe, but how often are we allowed it?… xPenx

    • not very often because everybody elses needs come first and you are made out to be the selfish one for wanting something for yourself.. i found myself the other day shouting… i do have a life too you know and i want it back… no one cared to acknowledge what i said instead i was given looks as if i had gone mad and later on i hear one of them calling me selfish… i was like … ok fine .. im selfish… so be it.. let me show you what selfish really is… they wont know what hit them…

      • I know exactly what you mean by this, it’s like my nature and sensitivities to things. I see it they’re blind and they say I’m too analytical. Why because I see it and am sensitive to it and you’re not? How does that work for you? Makes me sick… the blindness. I also identify with those who assume another is selfish when they put themselves first or “in there” some where. I think people are not comfortable, honestly, expressing their needs and when another has the courage to do so, they can’t deal with it. That’s a perception I’ve had for a long time… People are not used to taking steps to take care of themselves but the thing is it’s not selfish to need time for yourself or to take care of yourself. It’s more beneficial because we need to rejuvinate… or it feels like, we’re just a shell.

  9. We all are too absorbed in fitting in to the society that in that struggle we often forget who we are… hope you don’t. Its a pity that this world looks at being different with hate rather than love…
    P.S. I hate my ISP -.-

  10. so true… one day I think my sacrifices will be noted and if they aren’t I just remind why i do the things i do and my rewards will come .. if not here then definitely aggay ja kar…

  11. Try not to worry about missing your time to be me. It is never too late, I am finding “me” and I am 53. My son recently came home to live with me and I think I am more uncomfortable with the fact that I am not the old “me” than he is. The old me was a care giver, a fixer, always there for the people I love and even people I barely knew.

    I still tend to want to “save the world” and that is me. I have learned that sometimes we have to let others stumble and fend for themselves otherwise we prevent them from becoming their true “me”.

    Often times the person you were there for does not realize the sacrifices you made until they are much older and something happens in their life and they have an Aha moment.

    Whenever you do decide it is your time to be me you will come up against opposition from the people who have relied on you. People don’t like change especially change that makes them have to step up to the plate and fend for themselves. They will call you selfish but eventually they will appreciate the new you and they will have the satisfaction of doing it on their own and you can cheer them on.

    For years I was “so and so’s daughter” or “so and so’s wife” or “Kristofer’s mother”, I didn’t know who Carrie was and I am still discovering who I am and I think I will continue to learn who I am until I die. But I like me now, now that I give when I can and sacrifice when I truly want to and not because I feel it is expected.

    Its painful but I have found that some of the people I was there for aren’t capable of being there for me but I have also been surprised by who HAS been there for me.

    And like Mysterycoach said, cyber hugz (especially squishy ones) can get a person through the day¤ you are never alone.

    Hugz to you LWT

  12. Aneesa, no, no, you don’t want to be someone else’s ‘me’. You were not born to be someone else’s – not at all. That would be a life wasted. You’ve GOT to be you – you were born to be.
    I understand what you said in one of the comments, you want people to look at you and think your parents did a great job, but they did do a great job if you are YOU. You were born to be you.
    I hear you are tired, overwrought. I hope very much you do something – do you ever have a sauna? – that makes you feel good. Come back to life, hey.

    • I am coming back to life… i was just reading this post again and realised i must have been on a real downer when i wrote this…

      but that is life.. it has it’s ups and downs.. and generally i am ok and never let things get me down… but it just creeped up on me and i let rip… you know thats whats great about blogging you can really say what you want and i did… and i got lots of support and it felt really good…

      I try to be what i want to be but with the values and self respect that i have grown up with… and it’s hard letting them go to even just better myself and move on… and you are so right… i am me and they did do a great job .. so everyone tells me… 🙂 i suppose i should listen to people like you more than i do to myself… you are a great ego booster 🙂

      Thanks so much for your support and for dropping by hope to see you again soon 🙂

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