Lil Wayne – How To Love (Official Video)


This song has been quite popular for a while and the music video is FINALLY here!

This song isn’t like Lil Wayne’s usual songs, it has no swearing words and he isn’t rapping. That is the reason it stood out to me. His usual songs are really good but not everyone likes them, in my opinion this is his first proper song and I would actually listen to this.

You had a lot crooks try to steal your heart / Never really had luck, could never figure out how to love. When you was just a youngen your looks were so precious / But now you’re grown up so fly, it’s like a blessing / Can’t have a man look at you for five seconds without you being insecure / You never credit yourself, so when you got older it seems like came back 10 times over / Now you’re sitting here in this damn corner looking through all your thoughts and looking over your shoulder.

We have never seen this side on Weezy before and I really like it! Not that I want the Rap Master going all Singer-Songwriter but this gem shows that even the hardest of exteriors can have a gooey center.

I think this is the best song he has ever done!

Here is this video, so check it out for yourself:

Lady Gaga – Yoü And I (Official Video)


Just heard about Lady Gaga’s latest video ‘Yoü And I’ and thought I’d post it.

The video itself is a bit weird – just like all her other videos but I think it is good song, with a rock sound to it.

It is said that the lyrics are inspired by her on-and-off relationship with New York City Bartender [Luc] Carl.

Here is the video:

Lambi Judaai HD, Komal Rizvi, Coke Studio, Season 4

Beyoncé – Best Thing I Never Had… new song

Beautiful Liar – Beyonce ft Shakira

Love this song and video, its stunningly done and one of the best collaborations ever! 🙂

Tell me lies… Fleetwood Mac

Love this, heard it on the radio this morning! 🙂