Has This Happened To You?


This pic reminds of those times you see someone’s profile picture and think “WOW!!!! This person looks super hot/sexy” instantly your curiosity and interest is triggered. You send a friend request on FB or add them on twitter or google+. You can’t wait to talk to them finally they accept your request or you accept theirs if they had already sent one. Then you decide to take a closer look at their photo albums (because you just have to see more of this person) and feel the wind going out your sails.

Why do people do this? Put up amazing super awesome profile pics. Then put up albums of themselves that look nothing like their profile pics? Are you following me?

So what if one day the camera was kind to you and made you look like a film star/pop star/model… It isn’t really you!! You are leading people into an illusion that only leads to disappointment.

Either keep the illusion going that you are looking freakingly awesome and post pics of that calibre inside your profile as well… or… Just post pictures of where you look normal and the camera captured your natural normal everyday look and not your film star look. Then people like me won’t have that build up and let down that we get when we click on you.

Maybe I’m being a bit over the top but this is really starting to annoy me. Got it off my chest now so feel much better already 😉

My week on twitter.

While taking time out from blogging and the world I went to hang out on twitter and I think I may have screwed my head up more but I discovered a few things too.

I always say you have to try something once and twitter I just wasn’t interested in. I made my account for my blog and my nieces ran it for me untill a few weeks ago, then I took control. They already had followers and were following roughly the same amount of people. I decided to give it a try finally, as I was looking for a change.

When they gave me control of the account they made it perfectly clear the one golden cardinal rule of twitter is…. ” Never follow more people than what you are being followedby ” Ok got it! so basically if I have 500 followers i have to keep the people I’m following lower than that… ok that also means if I want to follow someone I have to either up my followers or delete some of the peeps im following. Do you get it? eh don’t worry it’s annoying I know. But I did notice many people weren’t following this cardinal rule so what the hell, I thought let’s just enjoy twitter, to hell with teeny boppy rules and being uncool.

Like a fb wall you have a twitter time line. I was following 500 people and my god u cant keep up.

If you don’t pay attention for a few minutes it’s like you’ve missed a lifetime of tweets. The notifications can hit anything up to 200 in the space of 2/3 minutes. And most of it was not even interesting.

I mean how much trash can a person tweet? I can understand you talking to other tweeters but some people just jibber away, whether they get a reply or not.

I quickly realised I don’t like talking to myself, basically I need attention. I made some good friends there, found some old ones and fell out with a few too. Not bad considering I’d really only been there a week. But twitter is basically for those who exist only in the centre of their own universe and nobody else exists alongside them.

How can you tweet all day long with no one retweeting your tweets or replying you? What do you get out of it? There is one guy there who I must applaud for staying awake 24/7. He spits those tweets out like nobodys business. He tweets while he is eating, walking, sitting, shitting. How do I know? because he tweets every few seconds. Just quote after quote after quote. I was wondering how he manages this. Could there be an auto service on this? Or perhaps more people running the same account in different time zones. Perhaps that’s how manages round the clock tweeting.

They’re are quite a few who do the quote tweets, and it’s not just a quote here or there, they are non stop. I mean get a life!

My timeline was being trashed by these little selanators and bliebers. ( my nieces are fans ) They constantly tweet about how much they love one or the other or despise one or the other.

I learnt selina and justin are dating (or were ) and bliebers hate selina because they whole heartedly believe that selina is “ugly” and “talentless” and “is using Justin” Anyway I got sick of it and against my nieces wishes ( they warned me to not unfollow them as they will then unfollow me ) I started to unfollow anyone who had selenatar or blieber in their username or mentioned them in their tweets.

After I unfollowed about four of these weirdos my timeline stood still and went dead. It stopped moving. Completely. I tried to refresh, nothing. I signed in and out, nothing. Turned the phone on and off, nothing. Checked I was still connected to my wifi, it was but nothing. I even downloaded another twitter aap, yet still nothing.

Then it hit me, it was these four little brats that were wrecking havoc on my timeline, totally spamming it and trashing it. After a little while it did move again but not with the speed it was before.

Another person who never shuts up on twitter is PierceMorgan… I can understand little bliebers and selenators tweeting non stop about their crush and passion but what excuse does a grown man have? All I can say to him is… get some sleep. He is there 24/7 tweeting and tweeting and tweeting. Get some help too Pierce!!

Anyway I then discovered you can have lists, make a list and add who you want into them and then you have your very own customised time line. Well I wish someone had told me this before. So I made the effort and made 3 lists and what’s great is the lists can be private or public. I’m keeping mines private, simply because I can 😛

  • One was for the quoters, because some of them are good quotes and funny too.
  • The Second one was for the celebrities I like and follow or just find interesting.
  • The third was for my mates.

Viola! problem of a spammy time line sorted. Could kick myself for not having done it earlier. But I’ve lost my interest in twitter, like I said I don’t like talking to myself. I do that enough in my own head, so why do I need twitter to do it more.

I think I will stick to blogging and Facebook. I will on the odd occasion check in on twitter. If anyone mentions me there I will happily reply but I refuse to talk to myself there as it just doesn’t make sense to me.

I can understand celebrities and businesses tweeting to get a point across but normal people shouldn’t talk to themselves.

Speaking of celebrities. One last thing Now if you are going to have twitter accounts for your loyal fans at least have the decency to reply back to them when they are begging for your attention relentlessly. You are fine tweeting other famous celebrities but whats wrong with replying to a keen little kid who loves you like crazy and just wants you to answer a question or a mention? I mean just add them all and make your lists like I did. Seriously, some of you don’t deserve the love and devotion you get from your loyal followers.

I was really annoyed at how a lot of these celebrities just ignore people tweeting them but as soon as another celebrity tweets all the celebrities join in but ignore everyone else. So arrogant!!

Anyways that’s my thoughts and feelings on twitter. If you want to share your own on this matter please feel free to do so. Look forward to hearing from you.

Beyonce announces pregnancy in great style and breaks twitter records

Beyoncé Knowles revealed that she’s pregnant with her first child at the weekend – and broke Twitter records in the process. With 8,868 tweets per second that surely is a record!

The superstar singer, 29, decided to tell the world her happy news at the MTV Video Music Awards.  Take a look!


Justin Bieber Uses Jailbroken iPhone

I don’t usually post stuff like this, but it was too good to pass up. Apparently Justin Bieber uses a Jailbroken iphone.

As evidenced in one of his tweets, Justin Bieber uses a jailbreak Twitter extension called ‘qTweeter’. With over 11 million followers, I am sure Bieber is familiar with the best Twitter apps out there.

There is really nothing else to say about this except,  I hope Justin reads http://www.idownloadblog.com/ for all his Jailbreaking needs.