Retailers making their own condoms.. funny!

I got this in an e.mail this morning and just had to share. I’ve read similar versions but the last bit I’ve never read before… found it really funny! 😛

Imagine if all retailers started making their own condoms: 
Tesco condoms 'ever little helps' 
Nike condoms 'just do it' 
Peugeot condoms 'the ride of your life' 
KFC condoms 'finger licking good' 
Duracell condoms 'just keep going and going and going..' 
Pringles condoms 'once you pop you can't stop' 
Burger King condoms 'the home of the whopper' 
Polo condoms 'the one with the hole in it....' OH F*^K!!!!
:P :P :P :P :P :P :P 

Everybody wants to dress like katie…. Tesco to sell copy of dress for only £30!

Before it was everybody wanted to be like Princess Diana and now it seems Katie is taking her place. 

Anything she wears is becoming the most sought after must have and lately its the dress she wore to meet the Obamas. As usual there is someone around to lend a helping hand to make it affordable so we too can enjoy Katie’s amazing fashion taste. 

Yes! it’s true Tesco is launching a copy of the amazing Reiss dress for a fraction of the price. It cost Katie £600 but you can have it for only £30… 

er… don’t get knocked down in the stampede it’s not on sale till June 13. 😛