Why can’t parents control their kids when eating out!

Imagine a child hopped up on espresso with a little runt of a dog running around.

While we all love children and love having them around but sometimes going out to eat can be a real nightmare especially when we have parents who can’t seem to control their kids and let them run loose in a restaurant. 

What happened to being able to have a nice quiet meal undisturbed? The other day while having lunch with a friend in the local Sainsbury’s cafeteria I found myself wanting to go grab the mother by the scruff of the neck and  give her a few lessons in parenting. 

Now don’t get me wrong at lunchtime there are obviously going to be kids around it’s a supermarket but come on what about controlling them a little bit. Have some respect for the other diners. 

First this child ran a marathon around the cafeteria shouting and screaming at the top of her voice, a few times bumping into people carrying foods on their trays. Not once did her mother say anything to her.

If you feel your child deserves a bit of exercise… well….  hello… we have parks for this!

Finally when their food did arrive she sits her in the plastic high chair. So I thought finally some calmness but are you kidding! It was like this kid was determined to be heard and noticed and not giving anyone a moment’s peace. She starts banging her heels into the bottom of the plastic base of the high chair. 

I felt sorry for the elder couple who were at the next table, you could clearly see this was distressing to them. 

Now I’ve been in this cafeteria with a dear friend of mine and her little girl loves banging her feet of this chair too and if she can’t get her to stop she will remover her shoes. This mother did nothing while I was cringing now with a headache and the deafening noise making me wish I’d stayed at home. No management asked her to control this child or anyone else. I suppose I could have asked her to but was concerned how she might react so choose to stay quiet. She didn’t seem to care what her kid was doing so why would she care if someone asked her to stop her.

Another thing I hate about kids eating out is the mess they make! I sit there and think is this how you eat at home? Do you let  your child drop everything on the floor and spill their drink everywhere? 

There are times I want to vomit. I once watched a mother let her kid just rub everything in her hair from her plate. I overheard her tell her fellow diner that “she always does this!” Well if she always does this then teach her not to! Or better still she is only about 2 feed her your bloody self. Why do we have to sit and watch this disgusting behaviour. 

Bottom line is if you are going to eat out with your children then please control them and teach them some table manners. We have young kids in our house too and we eat out all the time and I must say they would never dream of letting them run blindly around a restaurant or sit and make a mess of their food or let it end up on the floor. They know they have to behave and they do. 

And why do mother’s let their kids out in prams in supermarkets? If you know your child is going to touch everything and pick things up and drop them or shove them in your trolley, then why let them out! Because then you spend the next 5 minutes  trying to explain why they can’t have it or you aren’t going to buy it for them! Then all we hear are screaming tantrums. Sometimes my local supermarket sounds like a day care centre.

Or…. if you know you can’t control your child and it runs all over the place like it’s bums on fire why do you let them out of the pram/trolley. If you know you are going to lose them because you are so busy shopping, why let them loose in the first place. Then it’s me and everyone else that’s got to then listen to you shouting your kids name and then you’re running frantically up and down the aisles searching for your wayward lost child. 

Please next time you are out with kids just have some consideration for the other people around you who are trying to do the same thing as you, but only with a bit of peace and quiet to go with it.

But clowns are scary mommy...

This… is my space! That… is yours!

Yesterday I was at the petrol station paying for my petrol and suddenly out of nowhere I felt something warm on the back of my neck plus some heavy breathing. It was a space invader!

I just froze, and my mind started racing, I could feel the anger rising up inside me and my blood beginning to boil! And do you know why? Well let me tell you!! I hate my space being invaded, I hate feeling like I’m on a crowded bus or on the train, when I’m not!

I wanted to step back and dig my heels in his/ her shoes and hear the sweet cries of pain! oh mama!! Damn! should have worn my heels I was sadly wearing flats.  Sometimes I pray for a cattle prod and no consequences because I take people in my personal space, personally. Continue reading

My fb password? no way!

its private thats why its called a "password!"

Ok all of you who have a facebook will know it requires password… as most things do.

Now I love my fb, I practically live on it so as u can imagine it has everything on it. I talk to my friends and family here and make more friends all the time and find new relatives all the time too. I make random friends too, i’ve flirted, wound people up and had a few barneys aswell.

So with all that going on it’s like a 2nd life. So tell me.. would you share your life with just anyone? air all your dirty laundry to anyone and everyone? No you wouldn’t unless you don’t give a damn about the people around you. So why would u share your 2nd life (your fb  life) with just anyone?

It holds everything about you.  This is where I share my most inner thoughts with my closest mates. This is where I chat to my far away friends and relatives about anything and everything. I see their private photos and they see mines. This is where I might send the odd nasty message to a friend who has mega pissed me off and here is where I even do a bit of mixing to have some fun too.

So why do people think its ok to demand your password so they can look into your private sanctuary, your in box!!

Now my in box is a literally a box full of memories. From the first time i came on facebook to present time. It’s so sweet reading those messages back to how I first met someone here or found them and how our relationship progressed. It’s like a step back in time.

Then there is my sister who, while having unlimited texts and minutes still seems to find it easier to write me her essay life stories to my in box. She complains, cries and shares her sorrows and happiness in my in box. For her my in box is her sanctuary where she can talk about anything and everything and her understanding sister will respond appropriately to keep her feeling good about herself. (and i do)

So why! o why! is that when someone says gimme your password I want to check something or lemme see what goes in your facebook can’t they understand that no means no. That no you can’t have it, no its private that’s why it has a password and no I’m not trying to hide something, I’m just trying to protect the privacy of my dear family and friends. because I assure you if I find out that someone else other than them are using their facebook I’d be very upset!

Now my next issue is what will you gain by looking into someone elses most private world? I assure you, you wont find anything you like. Your green-eyed monster will probably definitely pop up when you see them having more fun than  you. They have more friends than you and they have more admirers than you. So tell me will it be worth it?

Then again you will be so bored that you will wonder why you even bothered!!

Here is where the saying ignorance is bliss!! What you wont know wont eat at your brain and mind day and night. Best thing to do? just trust the person and stop being so dam insecure!

2 year old somoking 40 a day!!

Ok i dont know where to begin on this video.. a 2 year child smoking 40 fags a day!!

To start with how can a father insist his son is healthy? i mean just look at the bloody size of him!!! does he look healthy to you?

This brings many topics into discussion and totally lost as to where to begin, so im just going to rant best i can.

If mr indonesia your child is healthy today (accordingto you) will he be healthy tomorrow? Because we all know that smokers become ill later in life, not straight away! If someone starts smoking in their early teens we know the repurcussions of this.. but what about a child who starts at the age of 2!

We know the risks and effects of passive smoking too so this wont be healthy for long i assure you if he is smoking at the age of 2!!! argh it makes me so mad!!!

And how does he afford to pay for this habit? Did anyone notice the child has no clothes on.. mind you not many of them did! So for a family not to have money for clothes or a proper house etc.. they have enough money for their child to smoke 40 fags a day! and keep in mind the father smokes too.. oh and he looks so dam proud .. unbelievable!!!!

So my questions is .. could the video be fake?

But how do we or his father justify this, how can a child be smoking like this.. and what hope is there for the rest of them?

Mind you he does look so cute 😉