Latest on Bin Laden

Nevine Mabro, a journalist for Britain’s Channel 4 News who produced a video report from outside the gates of Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad on Tuesday, reported on Twitter a few hours ago that Pakistani police had sealed off the neighborhood for a time on Wednesday morning and were “guarding all houses near OBLs compound.”

Lindsey Hilsum, a Channel 4 News correspondent who is also reporting from Abbottabad, wrote on Twitter at about the same time: “I’m told there are police in the houses of Bin Laden’s neighbors this morning. Area blocked but may open up later.”

The video report Ms. Hilsum and Ms. Mabro produced there one day earlier featured interviews with three men from the neighborhood around the home who suggested that it was not accurate to say that the high-walled compound had not drawn any notice at all from the neighbors. One young man even said that the fact that the compound had its own independent supplies of gas and electricity had raised eyebrows locally. He added: “Everyone thought that this house was very strange.”

About two hours ago, Ms. Hilsum posted a new update on Twitter, reporting that the crew had finally been allowed back in to the neighborhood, but noticed a significant change: “At the Bin Laden house again, but all the eyewitnesses are mysteriously absent leaving only police and children.”

She also reported that the absence of visual evidence of Bin Laden’s presence in the compound was fueling speculation in Abbottabad that the raid was an elaborate hoax.

Many outside #binladen house say they don’t believe he was there, this is ‘just a drama’. So will the US release the picture?