I’m back

Hi guys! Sorry it’s been such a long time since I last posted.

First a young family member was taken ill, while we knew she would be ok dealing with that and the effects of her medication was the hardest part.

Then I went on a very emotional and spiritual journey to Saudia Arabia. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had. This is a country that is the focus for all Muslims but its also one of the most controversial ones too. Especially with its strict shariah laws and ways of dealing with its crime.

Ramadan is here too and today is our first day of fast. Means also I have some time to post and catch up on what you guys have been up to. ( I’m not cooking 10 meals a day…. Yippeee )

So good news is you will be hearing a lot more from me now on.

Yes… It’s true… I’m back 🙂

Gifts, How Do You Decide?

At the weekend I was out shopping and I can see that retailers are gearing up for Christmas, one of my favourite times of the year.

Everything is so decorative, colourful and festive. It really does put you in a good mood and makes you feel a little sentimental too, about what his occasion means to many and how it is celebrated.

One of the things I love seeing is the decorations and lights on people’s windows and houses. I remember when we were younger we would count all the Christmas trees and see who had got the most.

Then there are the anticipation of gifts and expectations too. It was one of things I noticed on Saturday at the shopping centre was all the gifts that have been set up on shelves and display stands, looking so inviting.

That is until you look at the price tags. Some of those prices are extortionate and completely unaffordable to many. I almost feel sorry for those who are barely coping as it is without the stress of Christmas and presents upon them, especially with the economy as it is and the inflation of prices.

Yet still people feel the need to buy these expensive presents for their loved ones, even it bankrupts them. Why?

Are presents not meant to be about thoughts and feelings. I would imagine the saying “its the thought that counts” would be more in effect at this seasonal and spiritual time.

I know Christmas is commercialised a lot now but what about the true festive spirit of Christmas?

I know many people have made a pact amongst family and friends to put limits on how much they spend on each other. I also know people who have made the decision to not buy gifts for each other at all and truly only enjoying the day as a spiritual day and celebrating it as a religious day.

So here are my questions to everyone regardless of whether they celebrate Christmas or not…

What is foremost in your mind when you are buying gifts?

  • Price
  • How useful it will be to the person
  • How much they will like it.
  • How much they want it.
  • How much you think they need it
  • What they are into

When I buy a gift I mostly think about what the person is into and go accordingly. I decide how much I’m going to spend on them and then off I go to find the perfect gift for them. Very often if I can’t decide or don’t know then I will gift them money which usually depends on how well I know them and how long and how much they mean to me.

What do you do?