They keep ruining my sleep.

I keep getting told of for sleeping too much and I really don’t see what the problem is.

I love to sleep, I plan my day around my sleeping. Most of the time all I think about  the next time I can get a chance to lie down and get some more sleep. It’s just the way I am and always have been.

I think one of the issues is that I go to bed really late at night and am back up early next morning, so I end up spending the rest of the day making up for it.

What I hate is being prevented from sleeping or being disturbed from it, that’s really annoying and irritating. The people in my house have learnt not to mess with me when I’m tired and grumpy or disturb me when I’m sleeping. Otherwise I’m just a really nice person 😛

But apart from nagging family and friends ruining your sleep these are other things that can ruin your sleep too.

Use your bedroom as a stimulating multipurpose room. Filling your bedroom with televisions, gaming systems, computers, telephones, and other gadgets will ensure a plethora of stimulation will be at hand. Unfortunately, none of these will help you to sleep better. Using them just prior to bed will prompt your brain to be active, and this is the last thing you need to fall asleep. I must say I take my iPhone to bed and have a TV in my room and I have no trouble falling asleep. 😛
Eat a large meal or drink lots of fluids right before bed. There’s nothing like a full bladder or stomach to disrupt your sleep. Getting up to urinate will interrupt sound rest, so drinking too much before bed may mean multiple trips to the bathroom during the night. Eating a large meal near bedtime may provoke heartburn symptoms when you lie down that can make you uncomfortable. Taking a pillow to the bathroom sometimes helps 😛
When you can’t sleep, just lie there and suffer. If you are having trouble getting to sleep, the last thing you need to do is lie there awake. If this happens chronically, as may occur in insomnia, you may learn to associate your bed with anxiety and not being asleep. Rather than tossing and turning, try a relaxing activity like reading. Or call a mate and have a chin wag 😛
I have one of these issues just about every night when I try to sleep somewhere that is too cold, too warm, or too noisy. It’s no use trying to sleep somewhere that is stimulating to our senses. If the stereo is blaring, the lights are on, and it’s stifling, how can you expect to sleep? Subtle variations on this theme will likewise make it hard to catch a few winks. The other night I was freezing when the power went. I was awake all night. 
Take prolonged naps. This one may be a little controversial. Some cultures promote the midday nap, and many people swear by them. If you sleep well at night, it may not be a problem. However, if you are having trouble sleeping then, the last thing you need to do is to add fuel to the fire by sleeping some during the day. Naps diminish your ability to sleep at night, and excessive daytime sleepiness may suggest a sleep disorder.
Enjoy an alcoholic drink, cup of coffee, or cigarette just prior to bed. Though grandpa may have always enjoyed an alcoholic “nightcap” to get to sleep, this is actually not helpful. It may cause you to feel a little drowsy, but it fragments the stages of your sleep and makes it more disrupted. Caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea, soda pop, and foods like chocolate work as stimulants to keep you awake. Likewise, nicotine from a cigarette will ruin your ability to sleep, and the craving associated with withdrawal may wake you during the night. These things should be avoided in the six hours before bed. I think I need to stop drinking diet coke, it might be what my problem is. 😦
When you get busy, just sleep less. We all get busy for different reasons, and it’s easy to find extra time in the day by sleeping less. Why waste eight hours in bed? Wouldn’t you rather be watching television, playing on the internet, or spending time with your friends or family? Unfortunately the quality of the time we spend awake is significantly impacted by not getting enough rest. If you cut back on sleep, you may find that you aren’t gaining much if you spend the day bleary-eyed and befuddled. I seem to be that way anyway no matter how much I sleep 😦
Stay active until the moment you hop into bed. Sleep is a quiet, relaxing activity, so it doesn’t make much sense to try to transition to that directly from something that is quite the opposite. Our bodies don’t do well with abrupt changes. The same is true for getting ready to sleep. Quiet sleep rituals such as reading, listening to calming music, or taking a nice bath helps prepare us mentally and physically for sleep. If I take a bath or shower I’m wide awake!

Exercise before bed. Although it is ideal to exercise every day — and this will likely ensure a good night’s sleep — doing it right before bed is a bad idea. It causes difficulties as your body will be revved up when you should be winding down. I’m too lazy to exercise. 

Vary your sleep time from one day to the next.We are creatures of habit, and our sleep is no exception. If you go to bed and get up at different times every day, your body will have no sense of when it is supposed to feel tired and sleep. This ultimately depends on our natural clock called the circadian rhythm, and varying the times we are asleep can negatively influence it. By keeping a consistent schedule, we are able to sleep better.
So there you have it, if you want to sleep well and undisturbed these are some great tips. Taken from net but most of these are common sense things anyway. Wish everyone to sleep well just like me. 😛

Can You Deal With Someone Else’s Pain?

Very often when we put walls up around us it’s to protect ourselves from any more emotional pain. We close ourselves in and tie ourselves up in padlocks and chain. 

It’s when we can’t bear anymore and don’t want anymore to deal with. Those walls keep everyone out and very often it works. It’s easier to block people out and keep them from touching your raw wounds inside.

There is always a reminder there of what you are burying deep inside you. And why do we bury things rather than deal with them? Is it because it’s easier and a cowards way out? Or is it just too painful?

Many a time our emotional pain is too much to deal with and if we are to function in a normal society and get on with life we need to bury it. There is no time to stop and deal with our issues and many a time we need to.

When you are told to pick yourself up and make yourself busy and get on with life. While it may work for some and that’s exactly what they need, for others it’s not. There is a time line for everyone and it’s different for each individual.

Some things need to be dealt especially if you are mourning or trying to get over a major issue in your life. When we block things out and bury them deep we are just buying time, eventually these things will come to bite you on the ass.

But anyway this is nothing new and I think most of you know all this. What I want to really talk about is the people who come along in your life and want to be let in. The ones who want to break down these walls and strip back everything to see the depths of those bleeding wounds gushing with ooze from your tortured soul.

Just because you want to be close to someone and need to be close to them, you ask them to let you in and when they refuse you try to knock those emotional barriers down that have been put up. When that doesn’t work you then slowly slowly start to chip away subtly to get in, just for your own satisfaction. 

Don’t get me wrong I bet some of  you have good intentions, but have you ever stopped to think if this person isn’t letting someone in they may also be trying to keep something from getting out?

When those walls are put up very often it’s not to keep from letting others hurt you again but those walls very often keep in a lot of emotions and pains aswell. Things that can’t be dealt with, things that require energy that you don’t have. Things that you need to face up to yet find it too painful to even think about. 

And when you start chipping away at those walls you release the vapours that resemble volcanic gasses. More chipping starts the slow simmering of an eruption that will eventually proceed to an explosion that you yourself probably weren’t expecting and before you know you will have a full Krakatoa on your hands. Nothing you are equipped to deal with or planned on dealing with. 

You think you have an emotional head case on your hands and regret getting involved. Or simply you are not interested in someone elses problems and prepare to run. Not realising that she/he wasn’t an emotional basket case until you activated the sleeping bomb. Poked and prodded till you got a reaction from them to confirm that you had got into their head and heart. That you had reached that level deep within where are there is something that is best left alone. 

When you see the lava of overflowing emotions you will wonder what the hell happened and want to run a mile and you probably will. But listen…

While you are wearing out your jimmy choos/las coste trainer trying to outrun those lava of emotions do please remember that next time you try to get into someone’s head and heart be prepared for the escape of compressed gasses of emotions.

If you don’t have the stamina or maturity to be in such a relationship then it’s best you keep out. Don’t manipulate someone for your gains without thinking of the consequences because if someone is not letting you in it’s because there is no room for you at the Inn. Not because it’s full but simply because you don’t belong amongst the baggage that already sits there. 

Remember when you knock and there is no answer dont try to sneak in through the back door, just leave well alone and walk away. 

Your “me” has had enough!

Sometimes I don’t want to be “your” me

Sometimes I even don’t want to be the princess I was born to be

There are times I just want to be “my” me.

“Me” would be, not being your “my….

Where your mess isn’t my mess

Where life has no creases or stress

Where your tears aren’t my tears

Where your fears don’t become my fears

Where life makes me laugh instead of cry

I want to be known as just  me

Where this “me” can fall ill and rest

Where “me” never has to be at her best

Where “me” can cry too and know

That someone else has a little love to show

Where on “me” there are no expectations

To be someone who just wants to be “me”

😦 Sometimes I don’t want to be your “me” 😦

You Will Never Walk alone.

My day started as normal, did the school run, went to the bank, chatted on the phone to some friends and family. Nothing unusual about me my day.

But somewhere someone’s day was far from normal.

Our Eid passed pleasantly with the usual of cooking food and eating, resting then going out to visit family friends. Due to some family bereavements this was the first time we celebrated Eid in 2 years. It was a nice pleasant Eid.

But somewhere someone’s Eid was far from normal.

I got the call at around 1pm this afternoon which just shook my whole being and for a moment made my heart skip a beat and my brain to stop functioning for a few brief seconds, but it really felt longer.

My dear friend, who I have known since I was in kindergarten, heard on Eid day that her 6 year child has leukaemia. Adam has blood cancer.

I knew he was unwell and she was planning on taking him to the doctors but with the days of Ramadan nearly at an end and the rush to be prepared for Eid we never got the chance to chat again. I called a few times but no answer so just assumed she was at her mother’s.

Adam who I watched being born, I was the first to hold him. When he looked up into my teary eyes he had let out a scream and I said to his exhausted mother he is going to break a lot of hearts.

” Today Adam as  the devastating news spread of your illness you broke everyone’s heart, you broke them into a million pieces.

As you are waiting to go into theatre for a serious of tests that must be done urgently, we gathered at a friend’s house this afternoon for prayers, for your well-being and good health. For God to give your family the strength to fight this with you.”

We sat with Adam’s mum’s sister and talked about how things unfolded. His aunt told us that he just suddenly started looking ill and yellowish. He had been coming home with bruises on his arms for a few weeks and they just assumed it was from the kids messing about outside, ( I remember his mum complaining about this and saying how rough the other kids must be with him for him to come home in this state ) little did we know what it really was.

Once they got him to the doctor he was straight away rushed to the children’s hospital on the other side of town. There after a battery of tests the devastating news was given to his mother.

It was Eid day.

Since she took him to the doctors that fateful day, she hasn’t returned home. When she was given the news she was hysterical and has totally fallen apart. She is a mother and he is not her only child. As I sat listening to her sister crying and answering our concerned questions, my mind started to wander. How will she cope? Because having any family member in hospital is difficult enough but with young kids at home too. This affects all of them.

I know, I talk from experience, my cousin had this cancer too. I accidentally let this bit of info slip and everyone’s attention turned to me and the questions started too. What was the treatment? Why bone marrow? Why do they keep getting infections?

Then the question finally came… the one I dreaded from the moment I mentioned my cousin…. How is she now? ” She is absolutely fine” I lied. I mean.. what else was I meant to say… that she died after a 6 year battle? I just couldn’t sit there and say that, not there and not at that time with his aunt in tears. At that moment all everyone needed was a little hope.

Those who knew me well there know I lied and know why I said what I did. One squeezed my knee and another friend mouthed “thank you”. I blinked and the tears fell on my cheeks.

Adam’s mum once said to me

” You were there at his birth and you know him better than anyone. Promise me if anything ever happens to me you will always look out for him and the others.

I promised, thinking she is going mad, but also understood she is having a weak moment of looking into the future and worrying for her children.

Right now all we can do is hope and pray that they all get through this and come out stronger as a family. She has a great support system and everyone is ready to rally round for her and do whatever they can. But deep down I know life will never be the same again for any of us as we silently make ourselves promises of walking this walk with her, every step of the way, because you my dear friend and Adam, you will never walk alone, we are there for you and always will be.

2 year old somoking 40 a day!!

Ok i dont know where to begin on this video.. a 2 year child smoking 40 fags a day!!

To start with how can a father insist his son is healthy? i mean just look at the bloody size of him!!! does he look healthy to you?

This brings many topics into discussion and totally lost as to where to begin, so im just going to rant best i can.

If mr indonesia your child is healthy today (accordingto you) will he be healthy tomorrow? Because we all know that smokers become ill later in life, not straight away! If someone starts smoking in their early teens we know the repurcussions of this.. but what about a child who starts at the age of 2!

We know the risks and effects of passive smoking too so this wont be healthy for long i assure you if he is smoking at the age of 2!!! argh it makes me so mad!!!

And how does he afford to pay for this habit? Did anyone notice the child has no clothes on.. mind you not many of them did! So for a family not to have money for clothes or a proper house etc.. they have enough money for their child to smoke 40 fags a day! and keep in mind the father smokes too.. oh and he looks so dam proud .. unbelievable!!!!

So my questions is .. could the video be fake?

But how do we or his father justify this, how can a child be smoking like this.. and what hope is there for the rest of them?

Mind you he does look so cute 😉