Happy 3rd Birthday To Me!

It seems I have a wordpress anniversary.

Can’t believe I’ve been here this long! I started this blog in 2011 and gosh how I’ve grown!

I’ve shared many thoughts, feelings and views with you all and you have always given me the best responses ever. You became not only my readers and followers but my wordpress family too.

So everyone thanks a lot and enjoy the cake!! >


Happy Birthday I Am One Today

YaaayyyYYyyy It’s true my blog is 1 years old today. And what a year I have had!

It truly has been awesome and a truly amazing experience. When I started blogging it was just really to prove a point but as time went on I realised that this was something truly special and something that I could do and make a success of  it.

My success isn’t in my stats but more so in the people I have I met here and what I have learned on this eye opening journey not just about the world and people around us but also about myself.

I have ranted and raved here, laughed hysterically and also shed a few tears (it’s true!) But the biggest lesson I learned in all of this is that I’m not alone with these feelings and thoughts, there are others who feel the same way as I do and think like me too.

As time has gone on I feel my blog has become more personal and I’ve realised the more personal I’ve become the more followers I get. It was hard at first writing about personal things but slowly slowly it I’ve been able to open to you people and the positive feed back, words of encouragement and advice has been brilliant and well worth it. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

So here it is I am 1 years old today…