Since you took your love away

As I say good bye to each day
I die inside a little more
It’s another day since you
Took your love away

Never thought I could cry each day
Shed tears, my eyes so sore.
It’s another day I’m learning
To live with out you.

How do I learn not to
Love you no more
How do I learn
To not want you no more.

I close my eyes and wish
To not feel you no more
I close my eyes and wish
I was no more.

I wanna go back in time
Where you never were
It’s impossible going forward
Knowing you were there.

I and You

“I” and “You” are the veil
between heaven and earth.
Lift this veil and you’ll see
no longer the bonds of
Sects and Creeds.
When “I” and “You”
no longer exist:
What is a Mosque?
What is a Synagogue?
What’s the Temple of Hindus?
What’s the Church of Christ?

Empty Tears

A silent tear falls
In quiet moments
As calmness falls
As disappoint leaves
There are no calls
Or loving messages
Only empty promises
Just an empty heart
And silent tears

Be My Saviour

Lead me to my destiny through the valley of death
Where shadows follow me to my very last breath
When I’m on my knees crying begging for mercy
Don’t take no pity just be my enemy
As you punish me for all my sins
There are no losers, just wins, wins and wins.

Where Are My Tomorrows.

My sweet love,
missing you 
missing you so much 
Reaching out, 
missing you 
missing your touch. 

My sweet darling, 
your sea of sorrows are drowning
drowning me another death. 
Dry your eyes, 
think of life 
think of your tomorrows. 

You were my life, 
you were not just my yesterday 
You were my every breath 
my everyday. 

My soul dies a million deaths 
watching you 
from the heavens above. 
Be brave, 
learn to live again 
for me my sweet love. 

How can pain be so sweet 
yet hurt so much. 
When I reach out 
and can't find you 
can't find your sweet loving touch. 

Shhhh you will always 
dance inside my soul, 
eternity is ours. 
I'm counting the weeks 
days and hours. 
Again you will be mine, 
forever till the end of time. 

My dreams 
my thoughts 
a sweet bitter melody 
All in your sweet 
loving painful memory. 

Dry your tears 
Let me be the one 
Who still takes Away your fears. 
Your sorrows Who gives you back your tomorrows. 
You are mine 
forever mine 

There is no door 
No stairs to you 
To dance in your soul 
Don't try to console me 
Just words 
empty words 
This soul is forever lost 
Gone forever gone... 

Oh my sweet love 
my darling love 
Have faith in the 
Heavens above 
The angels too hear your cries 
Here in paradise. 
Patience my love 
My sweet sweet love. 

I beg you to set me free 
Of this pain and memory 
My heart my soul 
can no long bear 
this desire 
Smouldering smoking fire
Embers n Ashes
Dust to dust

Welcome 2012

A new year
Time to wonder
And ponder

Mistakes made
Lessons learned
Hearts broken
Words spoken

New friends
Some lost
And some won
And some gone

A new year
A new beginning
More losses
And more winning.

The good
With the bad
The happiness
With sad

All in our
Moving forward
Smarter and brighter

Embracing our stars
Shining in the sky
To you 2011
We say goodbye

The Darkest Hour, The Brightest Star

An ambulance,

A pain,

Follow me,


In a hospital corner,

A seat,

Hard as steel,


And waiting.

A fear

A tear


Too many,

My darkest hour,

Too many memories

I’ve been here


Not long ago





And now again

All over again

Reaching out

In the darkest hour

For a hand


To hold

To feel

It’s there

So warm

So tender



All fears

All pain

To hold me


Never letting go

Never feeling


Ever again.

Always there

Shining shining

In the darkest tunnel

Like a star

The brightest Star

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