Burning bridges 

Sometimes finally getting things of your chest and saying what you feel is great. Just letting rip is awesome. 

I finally did it. Finally gave a few the sharp side of my tongue. It felt good because bottling things up is never good. Got it of my chest, things that had been bugging me for months and years. 

But telling close loved ones how you feel about them or telling them how they piss you off is like watching a tsunami. 

It’s a path of self destruction, those bridges are well and truly burnt. 

Sometimes there is no going back…. 

2 responses to “Burning bridges 

  1. Know the feeling too well hun, but I’ve had to bite my tongue as so-called friends and the family who were supposed to protect me turned on me repeatedly.

    I’m not supposed to notice because I have paranoid schizophrenia and when I do I am supposed to forgive them as my mother has insisted I do as she and my stepdad play their games. 😦

    After 27 years it looks like my tormentors have run out of ideas, but Andrew, who has betrayed me repeatedly as my interrogator, will not be coming through my door ever again… 😦

    Time to pull up the drawbridge and fill the moat with piranha!!! 3:)

    Love and hugs my friend! 🙂


  2. Oh this is something I can relate to big time! Letting it out can bring you peace but the storm afterwards fills you up again.
    That’s why I just keep it all in until I can’t anymore and then I explode. Same thing, I know, but then am not in caring mode.
    Believe me friend, some bridges are worth burning and leaving behind, they were just a burden to your life. While there are others you need to be extremely careful about no matter about.
    I know, life is a mess and so complicated.
    Pray to survive this in one piece.
    Good day
    take care

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