Secret diaries of him part 8

For two weeks we didn’t speak on the phone. Neither of us. I pretended I was at my dying fathers bedside. As sad as it was and drastic and sick it was the only thing at that time that could get me out of it. Talk about creating your own problems.
Both had been messaging offering support but so far I’d avoided getting into a conversation with them.
Meanwhile guess what Zia had done? He’d befriended me on my own account. I accepted his friend request and we had started chatting. With Rosie now out the way I thought maybe I can start again but I was deluded. One thing I quickly realised Zia was deeply in love with Rosie. He wasn’t himself and seemed very down.
He after some days slowly started opening up about her. He was missing her badly and was worried for her. In the back of my mind I always thought this was a wind up but what I didn’t think was true was his feelings for Rosie. He’d fallen for her big time.
We had some deep conversations and shared a lot in a short space of time. He one day said will you add my wife to your Facebook. I asked why. He said it will just make things easier. I refused. I didn’t want Neema as a friend. I’d had enough of her as Rosie. Plus I know she’d insist on chatting on the phone which was too risky.
Zia was too loyal to Rosie to insist on phone calls. He wanted to know how I knew her I sad through Raj she’s his friend. He told me eventually that Rosie wanted him to leave Neema and marry her. Which wasn’t true he’d misinterpreted what I had said as Rosie. He said leaving his wife was completely out of the question and he was disappointed that Rosie had even suggested it.
Oh well I thought. Best you start hating her coz she ain’t ever coming back.
But as Rosie I had to call them because ignoring them wasn’t an option not after all their messages and knowing they were worried. But I was also ready to finally lay all this to rest. I’d done the ground work. I told them in a conference call my father had passed away I wouldn’t be returning to Edinburgh. I had to stay here and look after my mother and siblings. Therefore I can no longer marry you plus I’d already told you I can’t be a second wife. In reply Neema said I’m sending Zia to pay his condolences. I said don’t bother because when he turns up I have no way to explain who he is.
I was getting annoyed now, these two just didn’t know when to back off. Zia was acting like a wet blanket on the phone. I cut the call short and decided I wouldn’t be talking to them again as Rosie.
Meanwhile Zia was getting closer and closer to me on my own account and for a moment I thought I’d pulled it off. I’d got Rosie out the way. No more lies and deceit. Huh who was I kidding.

7 responses to “Secret diaries of him part 8

  1. Lol, not that you need to now but you seriously need lessons in pulling of this shit.
    1. If you’re going to spy, never add the fake to your profile directly. Instead have a buffer in between and if possible have an accomplice if you can to completely throw people off. So in the perfect sense it should be: fake- fake2 – accomplice – you. Both the fake accounts should look real.
    2. Never under any circumstances have your real account compromised.
    3. Develop fake personalities for each acc. Diff from your own. Treat it liek a story character. 😛

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