Secret Diaries Of Him part 1 

Id made the fake account on Facebook to try and see if Raj was upto no good because lately he’d been distant and not talking much. Call it paranoia or wherever it was really starting to get to me. One should never do internet relationships but hell little did I know I was about to enter another that would consume the next five years of my life. 

The fake account was ready I’d called her Rosie and given her a very eye catching picture. She’d defo catch Raj’s eye once I’d put her in the right places. All I now needed was a few Fb buddies to make the account look real. 

I sent a few random requests and then one guy in particular caught my eye. He was American and the idea that he was in a different time zone seemed perfect. If we got chatting he’d be around when my other buddies weren’t late at night. It would mean I’d always have someone to chat to when I’m bored. Friend request sent to Nawaz Ahmed…. 

4 responses to “Secret Diaries Of Him part 1 

  1. NOT a good idea hun – these things never come out well! 😦

    If you become suspicious enough to try and entrap him, then your relationship is already over!!! 😦

    Love and hugs my friend! 🙂


  2. Nice to see you back on here and though I know about this story already it’s nice to be back on your blog writing a reply. How far we’ve come together Princess Laila and still I get a little exotic thrill thinking of you when I’m here. It remains an honour to read your thoughts and words – even after all these years 🙂

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