The beginning of the end…

A million ways to say goodbye and I sadly walked away
Couldn’t bear to see the sorrow or a tear fall from your eye
Think of me happy with fond memories and a time I made you smile
Maybe not today or tomorrow I understand it could take a while
I won’t turn round to look I’ll carry on walking I won’t let you see my pain
I won’t answer the phone we won’t be talking don’t call again
Best you don’t reach out and no messages to you I’ll send
Let’s pretend we never happened there was no us then there will be no end….

10 responses to “The beginning of the end…

  1. very nice poem. very touchy. yeh Ghalib ka taghaful hai.
    Ham ne mana ke taghful na karo ge lekin
    khaak ho jayen ge ham tum ko khabar hone tak
    remember that.
    [This is Ghalib’s way of indifference,
    he syas,” I am certain you will not remain indifferent, but you see, I will be done and gone by the time you will come to hear (about my calamity)]

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