Your beautiful spirit

When life gives you a few knocks we get up brush ourselves off and get on with it. But once we are knocked down again and again, getting up each time becomes more and more difficult. Our spirit becomes broken, egos become deflated and our heart begins to lose hope. Where do we go from here? How do I cope or survive? But there’s that little thing inside you that never gives up, you know as long as you’ve got a little bit of fight left inside you, it’s enough to keep getting you up and keep you moving on.

One of the greatest supports are the people around you. While it may be difficult to reach out to someone, somehow there’s always that one person who reaches out to you, without even trying or knowing. It’s like the most natural thing in the world them just being there holding you up with their own spirit and strength. Their one sentence can hold more power than the words of a hundred people. An emotional connection is born without you even realising it. A physical connection becomes trivial as the mind and heart starts to bond. Soon before you know it, in the crowd that’s the only person you see, everyone else just falls away. It’s only them you hear calling your name, talking to you, smiling laughing with you. No one else exists in your thoughts or mind. Wherever you turn or look they are there with you every step of the way. Sharing every waking moment with you and then in every sleeping moment too. Stepping into your dreams like they belong there, being everything you needed and wanted them to be. Consuming you, intoxicating you, becoming you. You wake up as one, sweet smiles cross your face for the rest of the day and you can’t wait once again to fall asleep and be theirs again and they yours. It’s in your dreams you dream dreams. And when you’re awake your reality becomes a dream. Before you know it they are your every step, breath, every thought and every waking moment.

When did they seep into your blood and sweat? You can hear them, smell them, feel them,yet it’s only their spiritual presence you’re intoxicated by and you are not your own anymore. You belong to another without giving yourself, planning it or wanting it. What’s happened to you? Do you even know? Do you realise you are glowing? Smiling? Laughing? What’s happened to you? they ask and some just tell you. Your shyness shows and you feel coy. You need a private moment to collect your thoughts and you wonder could it be true or even possible that this is happening to you. And you start to think and remember those little moments when with each word and gesture they touched your heart and began to melt it and mould it with their own. You panic a little, you fear a little that you’ve lost control lost yourself and didn’t even know it. You try to compose yourself but your heart is beating with joy and it takes over all your fears and thoughts and you know your heart is now in control. You know it’s pointless trying to fight this or think logically. And do you want to? No you don’t. You’re loving this feeling now of belonging somewhere being someone’s and not feeling alone.

And the most beautiful part is they don’t know yet that the beauty shining within you and the warm glow in your heart is because of them… Your journey into the abyss isn’t complete, no not yet. Your story is incomplete!

Your story has just begun….


14 responses to “Your beautiful spirit

  1. Oh how so true!!! 🙂

    I have fallen in love several times, but alas it was not to be! 😦

    Love is what makes life worth living!!! 🙂

    Love and huge hugs Princess!!! 🙂


    • Hi prenin. Love comes in many shapes and forms this is about a beautiful friendship that has developed further before even knowing it. thanks for dropping by and lots of hugs to u too 🙂

  2. oh yessss what a feeling it is.. for sure .. you feel in heaven when you know you are loved back …

    beautiful post , LOVED IT .. and here’s wishing this is how it is Always and all the TIME

  3. What a fantastic description of a friendship that is so close and so wonderful that they are a part of your very soul. I can relate to this post wonderfully well. You’ve made my morning in fact 🙂

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