What’s Happiness To You?

Hi guys!

There’s a question that’s been running through my mind for quite a few weeks now which I thought I would put to you today.

What is happiness?

Please answer as I think it would good to see what everyone thinks. What does happiness mean to you? Is it in seeing others happy or making them happy by doing everything you can? Is it helping the world become a better place. Is it sharing your own happiness?

As you can see there’s many reasons but how often do we think deep enough to define happiness? For me happiness is inner peace and tranquillity which seems to elude me always.. that doesn’t mean I’m always grumpy, quite the opposite in fact but to truly reach that point where I can say I’m really happy is to truly have inner peace for myself. Be able to sleep easily without any worries or tensions.

So what does happiness really mean to you people?

29 responses to “What’s Happiness To You?

  1. Happiness for me is feeling something that’s more than satisfaction. I don’t know… for me just seeing my nephews everyday is happiness, and that’s not anything unusual as we all live together. Regardless if I see them 50 times each day I still feel the same amount of happiness each time.

  2. Hi hun! 🙂

    You ask some good questions! 🙂

    Happiness for me is a life finally free of care, the laughter of a baby and nights of pleasant dreams! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  3. Happiness for me is having a belief and sticking to it – no matter what. Having conviction that you are doing the right thing and trying hard to do good in life, that’s happiness. Even when I make a mistake, I know I’m trying to do good in the world, so it’s still happiness.

      • like if u can acknowledge all the things you have in your life already, and even the not so good things in the present and past, they have played a part in where you are now….and if something has happened it did so for the best, there is a reason to every turning point…Alhumdulilah.

  4. Interesting question…one that the answer for me has probably changed a great deal over the last twenty years of my life. These days I would equate ‘contentment’ with ‘happiness’.

    Primarily I want to see my family happy and fulfilled – my children especially. When they are all at least content in life then so am I.

    Then I would want the same for my close friends – those I actively engage with whether physically or virtually whose lives matter to me. I struggle when friends are suffering.

    Finally there are my own needs. These are simple. Keep out of trouble or strife with anyone in my life and to not have great obstacles to the things I try to accomplish. And maybe enough money coming in to pay the bills and feed my family though we always tend to just trust in faith on that one! With happy family and friends and no great strife I can’t help but be deeply pleased with life!

    So no great ambitions – just absence of pain and suffering I guess for those I love. 🙂

  5. I too find this a very difficult question to answer. There’s a long-term condition of being quite happy and there’s the sort of happiness that last a few minutes or at most hours. Part of the problem is that I think happiness requires that you aren’t self-conscious, but as soon as you say to yourself, “Gosh – I’m happy!”, you’re self-conscious.

    Stress or worrying about what other people think of you or preening or criticising yourself are all irreconcileable with happiness. Enjoying life is a part of happiness, and that means the simple things. It means valuing the here and now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have plans or challenges. Being at peace with people, God and nature – that too.

    • So true. Chocolate makes me happy for about an hour. But what makes me always happy is remembering the smiles I put on my parents faces. That is always enough for me. Knowing someone is pleased with me and I gave someone happiness in one way or another.

  6. Old age had taught me true happiness is a healthy family, quiet days. Coffee and long conversation with good friends. Best days of life are simple. Taking the kids to the park and listening to elder tales of old. I told my kids. You must make money and work. Ensure you make time for laughter, friends and travel.

    • Sounds like you have it all worked out. I love your reply and I will keep it in mind that just the simplest things in life that we do everyday are happiness in itself.

  7. I struggle with the term happiness, because it is used so flippantly. By its current definition, I think happiness is fleeting… it comes and goes like the wind. But contentment, hope, love… the kinds of things can hold us up even when we don’t “feel” happy.

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