Each Day At A Time.

It takes a lifetime to realize many things in life then there are times it takes a split second for everything to hit you smack bang in the face.

Yeah, I know I’ve been away a while but things have been hectic of the past months. A family member is not keeping well. So trips in and out of hospital are now an ongoing thing. I’d love to go into more detail and tell you guys more about it but she reads this blog sometimes so I really have to respect her privacy.

But the stress of it all is sometimes too much to bear and banging heads of walls is not helping either. We are at a stage in the treatment where nothing is working. Time and again we are ending up back to square one with the side effects of each drug taking it’s toll on her body and mind.

It’s amazing how isolated one can feel in an illness when the world is full of ill people. Our weekly trips to the hospital shows just how ill some people are and how worse off. It brings it home that we are lucky our situation isn’t as serious as some but it’s still a situation and we are dealing with it. So each day as it comes is what they always say.

Someone asked the other day how after everything I go through how do I manage to be so strong and keep positive. I guess like always, I’m just grateful for what is positive in my life and try to see the rest as a test.

Other than this dominating our lives at the moment there’s nothing really else to tell you guys.

Oh yeah just remembered the wonderful Facebook deactivated my account so had to make a new one. Please if you were added in my old one or wish to be added in my new account then drop me a request. Miss you all.. here’s the link http://www.facebook.com/aneesa.bashir.71




21 responses to “Each Day At A Time.

  1. Hope she responds to the medication soon my friend.

    I know how it is to be in hospital for long periods and it’s no joke! 😦

    Keep positive my friend and remember we love you! 🙂

    God Bless and huge hugs!


    • If you feel responsibility in this situation – and it sounds as if you do – that itself keeps you going. Think of some horribly overworked doctor or emergency worker in a crisis, of a junior army officer during bitter fighting. They keep going because they’re needed. After the situation ends, you may have some difficult readjusting and be prepared for some things you’ve suppressed to come up. It’ll pass.

      God bless.

  2. It is always very upsetting when a family
    member is ill my great friend, I wish you
    very well and hope that everything will be
    okay soon 🙂

    Andro xxx

  3. Get well soon to whoever is sick but one thing irked me… You said you wouldn’t share because she reads this blog and you respect her privacy… Well that kind of comes off as you would have told if she didn’t use to read your blog and you told us that it’s a she 😛

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