I’m back

Hi guys! Sorry it’s been such a long time since I last posted.

First a young family member was taken ill, while we knew she would be ok dealing with that and the effects of her medication was the hardest part.

Then I went on a very emotional and spiritual journey to Saudia Arabia. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had. This is a country that is the focus for all Muslims but its also one of the most controversial ones too. Especially with its strict shariah laws and ways of dealing with its crime.

Ramadan is here too and today is our first day of fast. Means also I have some time to post and catch up on what you guys have been up to. ( I’m not cooking 10 meals a day…. Yippeee )

So good news is you will be hearing a lot more from me now on.

Yes… It’s true… I’m back 🙂

55 responses to “I’m back

  1. You mean you were gone??? 😉

    I missed you loads Aneesa – glad you’re back with all your bits intact! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  2. BTW,the land of Saudi Arabia is a beauty and wonder,but the Saudi government is a friggin’ devil,for the simple fact that they back and support Israel in the attempt overthrow of Assad in Syria who is a great man and beloved by his people.

  3. I always say why or who are we to descide good or bad in the laws , its their country they have the right to decide ..

    And we who go to a different country should respect it and abide by it..

    Good to see you back..
    Keep writing and happy Ramadan..

  4. When it’s all said and done, people are the same type of people no matter what religion they are. I’m in Saudi and have been living it for the past four months and believe me, they are the same type of people anywhere else you may find yourself.

    • Very well said… but the culture is very different to other countries and their rules and laws… I was very fascinated by many things and will write about them soon…

  5. Well it’s about time that you got back
    my skeletons and zombies have been
    running rampage since you left, maybe
    now that you are back and ready for a
    visit they will calm down a bit 🙂 🙂

    Have a lovely start to your week Princess
    and hopefully your Ramadan won’t be too
    much of an issue with heat, as we are now
    having a rubbish summer 😦

    Pleased that you enjoyed
    your time out in Saudia Arabia 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • I had a feeling O’Dark one you would be missing me… as for those zombies and skeletons wait till they here what I have been taking an interest in… they will be over so thrilled 🙂

      We will never be graced with hot weather, it’s got to the stage we don’t even expect it anymore…

      Great to see you again X

      • what a surprise. U finally reply. lol. Hope u had a great journey. I was worried on ur absence that u mite b suffering from some personal heart crisis. Buh I guess u ok :). Ok?

        • I guess the crises of the hearat come and go… if someone can’t appreciate what they have then it’s their crisis not mines… but yeah I’m doing good… sometimes you see things but are helpless in doing anything about them or just can’t find the strength to sort them out because you know what the answers to your problems are not what you want them to be… then one day it all clicks and falls into place and you know what you have to do… I was there… and I dealt with it.. and now I’m moving on…

          The journey was amazing… I will blog about it my experiences as time goes on…

          Hope you are doing ok…

          • I am doing ok yes, myself sorted out. I kan understand the hurt someone must have imposed on our princess however im unaware of the creature so il just say, fittey mu karo 😛
            🙂 Don’t let those little things get on head that consume ur heart which dont feel a damn about u. THis is what I have learned. And Yes, that place where you went my friend, provides great healing Your soul finds peace with the chaos of things you leave behind.

            looking forward to talk to u as I feel guilt whenever you came to my blog I was so lost in space n time I didnt reach back – and also looking fwd to ur next blog.

  6. Welcome back. It’s been well over a month since I posted anything on my blog – time has got the better of me, so as my motivation to post at present.

    Nice to see you back, that would be the motivation I was looking for.

    • This was my 2nd visit to KSA and we had more time to look around Jeddah and really get a feel of the city and the culture and normal everyday life… it was awesome… I loved every minute of it… yeah there were a few odd moments that make you wonder but I will be posting about them soon…

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