Open Relationships – results

Not long ago I did a post asking you readers to define what in your opinion was an open relationship…

The reason I asked because as you all know I’m a Facebook freak and through using fb I end up ranting and raving about it. One of the things I noticed was that many guys and girls were using “open relationship” as their relationship status.

I kept thinking how can conservative/religious people and people from strict backgrounds and youngsters be in open relationships, it just didn’t make sense. I know the world is changing but I also know that many can’t be that open minded and then broadcast it openly on Facebook, because let’s face it most of us know what the definition is of an open relationship. If not then here it is…

An open relationship is when you are with someone yet are free to see other people. No, it’s not friends with benefits because this means you are not in a relationship with this person but simply get together when it suits you. Where as, an open relationship is where you are in a relationship with this person but you are also in agreement that it’s ok to see other people. Hope that clears it up for anyone who is having any confusion over this. The poll results I will tell you about in a minute.

So, going back to Facebook, I decided to ask a few of these people what they meant by stating publicly that they are in fact in an open relationship. One guy replied… “It means I am open to a relationship”… I had to stifle my giggles. I tried to explain to  him what it really meant but he thought he was right.. so I left him to it… let him be the despo plonker he sounds like…

Ok.. so.. anyway next person… (yeah he did piss me off.. I hate it when people don’t listen to me!) The next person I asked said “It means my relationship is open” This sounded better.. I ventured further and asked what do you really mean? (I thought… he doesn’t look that clever so let’s be sure he knows what he’s talking about) He then told me with great relish it means he is open to have sex with a girl. I asked “Do yo mean lots of girls?” He replies with astonishment “Have you no shame? Of course not… only one girl will be enough! If I can get one… I am open to lots of sex” ok enough said

A few others I asked thought it meant you are bisexual but none who displayed this as their status actually were in open relationships or knew exactly what it meant and not many wanted their partners sleeping with other people.

It was quite a day defining the true meaning to them.. I really should become a lecturer, I think I’d do a grand job!

So the final results of my poll… the question asked was…

A whopping 64% of you knew what the answer was and the rest of you were divided between friends with benefits or open to a relationship with no limits where anything goes. 4% of you thought it meant same sex and another 4% weren’t sure… so all in all most of you are aware of the definition… it’s just numpties on Facebook who don’t have a clue…

44 responses to “Open Relationships – results

  1. for me it means no relationship at all – it means you can have sex with who you like with no commitment – for me that’s called ‘being single’

  2. each to their own is how I have come to view it, some people may put open relationship so they don’t seem to be viewed by other’s as being in a committed relationship therefore still having some kind of door open to allow the online fling thing to go on allowing their ego’s to still be somehow sexually stimulated. Either way a relationship status should be one you choose to answer openly or leave blank by leaving it blank however if you are in a relationship just how much do you value the relationship you are in?

  3. Awesome but I do ahve one complaint! The image you shared is sexist and demeaning towards men! Why can’t be a woman with that many guys! 😛

  4. I’m with Angel on this one! 🙂

    Personally I know of two couples whose husband plays away while expecting his wife to be faithful, but if I were in a relationship it would be for life! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  5. lol open relationship, what is it ? a time pass ? 😀
    or it is like, im gonna screw you unless i find some one else to screw 😛
    and lol to be honest fb really sucks in relation ships, cox on fb i have my one wife taimur and being a muslim u r allowed to merry 4 chicks, so i want to merry another one and the another one is also ready to merry me on fb but fb just only allows one to merry, so a muslim having 4 wives and his all 4 wives are on fb, tell me what he gonna do there 😕 😛

    • i think this post was about reality and not your virtual world… facebook was only used to gather information!

      • I think our dear friend demonsking has a very valid point though…

        fb need to accommodate those who do have multiple wives… i mean imagine the fight it would cause if a guy only added one wife out of his 2/3 or 4…. the word “catfight” comes to mind… he will be accused of favouritism and loving that one more than the others… so yeah fb needs to step up and sort this button and allow men to add all their wives…

    • hmmmm… are you saying fb is discriminating or being racist on this matter lol… we must petition them that they need to allow a button for those who are in multiple relationships and for people like you who want to show off they have lots of wives… 😛

  6. I think an open relationship works between 2 persons where by they have no commitments of any kind. Which kind of isn’t a relationship at all? I guess its something like an open secret, which really shouldn’t be called a secret in the first place.

  7. When you mentioned the FB status thingy, I was sure it must be something of this sort 🙂 I have seen people listing ‘open relationship’ too – without having a clue what it means 🙂

  8. Facebook should add definitions to the choices available. I have a man on my friend list who is MARRIED but “in an open relationship” smh!

    • perhaps in time it will… I think a button should be there for the multiple wife thing…

      sounds like he is married but him and his wife are sleeping happily with other people with permission… because open relationships do exist in marriages too… it’s not only single people who have them…

      • Yeah but nooo… they’re not in an open relationship. At least not that I know of because as far as I know the guy’s family is fairly religious. But who knows what definition he has set for the word :P.

        LOL… I highly doubt Facebook would add that multiple wife thing… would be funny though xD.

  9. In my opinion an open relationship means everything can be possible , even sex . But …… any real relationship is built on trust and respect ….. I know people practise open relationships and after a while you’ll see there is no “relationship” anymore , stranded . I do not believe in open relationships , maybe old fashioned , but still it works the best .

    • you are so right Bas… i’ve yet to see a women or man happy in such relationships… I did know a couple who were into this and the women only went along with it because she knew if she didn’t he would cheat on her anyway… at least this way she knew what he was up to…

      • Sometimes I am wondering how far people , like the women you described , can go ….. she better can kick her husbands ass in that case ….
        Anyway …. off course we are humans and off course we all sometimes dream about this ? But I’ll keep it on dreaming hahaha , have a nice weekend !

  10. my definition of an open relationship is when you are two people who use each other when no one else is around e.g going to the cinema, meals, and ‘other stuff’. however if you want to go do that with someone else then its allowed because you are not ‘committed’ to each other.
    so basically an open relationship is two people doing stuff with out commitment and is clear to both sides, other wise its a fuck around and a stalker!!

    • what you are describing is friends with benefits and there lies the difference between that and open relationships…

      let me define…

      Friends with benefits is exactly what you said… be together when nothing else is available but they are not committed in anyway and or definitely not in a relationship with each other… it’s usually buddies who have sex with each other…

      An open relationship is when 2 people are committed to each other are in a relationship together and may well be married too or living together… they will be like any other couple but will see other people openly but at the end of the day they come back to each other…

      dangerous way to live and I hope they all practive safe sex…

  11. Wow, interesting studie. Pretty funny how people unknowingly create an incorrect view of themselves.

  12. An open relationship is A relationship two people must agree with, with true honesty. What is good for the male is good for the female as well. It is not friends with benifits because thier is a relationship beyound friends. People say to have an open relationship there must be rules, the one I like the most is you can not fall in love with the other person. That is funny because can you really control who you fall in love with? If you have a truly open relationship why do you need rules? Trust is the most important issue in a open relationship. I know who person x is with but I am still the center of attintion. Person Y knows whom I am with and they are still the center of attention we as a couple come first the others are secound and third so on. these relationships are talked about openly what is liked and what is disliked. The only thing that is asked is that each uses protection and be safe.

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