If you don’t have Facebook you can’t be our friend.

I’m fed up with those conversations you hear between people. One starts talking and the other will say “yeah yeah I read all about it on fb” that just kills the conversation.

Fb really has killed the art of conversation between people. It’s like there is nothing left to talk about anymore because everybody already knows your business, even people who you didn’t think read your wall, do. They know more about you than you do.

I know social networks do serve a genuine purpose but I personally do believe they have taken over people’s personal lives too.

Gone were the days gossip was passed word of mouth and bitching was done behind closed doors. Now if you don’t have a fb you’re left out and don’t fit in.

It’s almost used as a reference to every conversation one is having. Either it was on Facebook or you’re told to check fb first before you can be part of the main topic at hand.

So nowadays it’s update yourself on fb goings on and then try to be part of a social circle… Oops sorry fb is the social circle.

Even your priest follows you…


63 responses to “If you don’t have Facebook you can’t be our friend.

    • I just went back after one month of deactivation. Mostly because of my page but because I’m there everyone thinks I should know about everything that’s going on there.

      “what? You never saw it on Facebook?” it’s getting annoying… Wish people would just talk to me.

  1. Hi,
    I don’t have a facebook or twitter account. Of course some friends do, and what I have seen of facebook it is not for me, I much prefer the blogosphere. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. We start facebook net work a few years back for college friends 35-40 years ago which stay in touch about 60 of us. The women ruined it with hour to hour reports of what they were doing at the moment and my inbox was flooded with 300 pieces of crap every day. Then I had enough friends I could have won the Florida primary for president. Will never be a part of non of these things ever again.

    • What is that with updating your status every 5 minutes? I just got a notification telling me someone has checked in to hospital for an app… If you’re not dying we are not interested…

      I’ve seen your blog.. you would make a great president ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. facebook should just be for sharing pictures and cool links…not having a full blast debate on a topic. those are for real life so you can see the other person’s face while you beat them in the argument and see all their air come out. Its a great feeling.

    • I disagree.. i think discussions and debates are excellent as it’s where people from different backgrounds and all walks of life can contribute towards a topic and give their thoughts and opinions… face to face you will only get so many people involved but on line your audience and participators are wider…

  4. I find I have little use for Faeces Book – I’m on it, but under protest! ๐Ÿ™‚

    The only reason I opened an FB page in the first place was because my friends begged me to – now we don’t talk! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Love and hugs!


    • hahhaa… it’s annoying when they add you and then ignore you.. i mean what’s the point in hat… i delete people i don’t have any interaction with after a certain amount of time…

  5. I don’t have an FB acct. I like my privacy. I’m not going to change my either. They are into data mining bigtime regardless of the privacy settings on a given acct;

    If you have a FB acct. and you ‘surf’ the web to any website that has the ‘f-like’ button, FB will note you visited the site whether you clicked the button or not.

    Society is suffering from being too insulated from each other. Laila you are absolutely right.

    • I think being stalked by fb isn’t so bad as long as you are aware of it.. many people don’t realise exactly what others can see about you on these social sites… many don’t know that you can change settings and privacy controls to suit your requirements and needs…

      We are suffering and it’s just getting worse… by the time most people realise what’s wrong it’s too late to get out.. they are too caught up in it or have become addicted to it…

      • The most frightening thing about FB phenomenom is these young people (under 40,maybe) and (under 30, certainly) and (under 20, most certainly) are using it for everything. Texting and chatting is not a substiitute for a phone call which itself is not a substitute for a face-to-face meeting. What kind of example are we setting in so many areas for our children and grandchildren ? Bottom line is technological innovations are great but are a tool not the end all and be all.

  6. I had a facebook account some years back – I hated it. All I was ever reading was minute by minute update of people who simply eat, slept, walked, talked to their facebook accounts. I realised Facebook was a programme which was to keep people away from each other physically and live in this virtual land – which actually wasn’t real. Even now you see kids, students, and staff constantly glued to their facebook page poking around and reading crap and filling their brains with the same crap.

    Right now, I do have a facebook page for my blog but never really visit it.

    it’s the devil in disguise.

    • It has it’s good points and bad points but what annoys me when wherever you go reference is made to it… it’s like nothing is happening without it…

      Over Easter we attended a wedding. It took a year to plan it and it was amazing.. their hard work had really paid off… there were so many events and functions leading up to the actual wedding… everything was planned so accurately and perfectly… but the biggest let down was they banned all photography from the functions and wedding. Stating it’s the bride’s and family’s request that no one takes any personal pictures as the family don’t want videos and photos from their events being uploaded onto social websites… especially facebook… it was really sad as this was a much talked about wedding… so many of my family and friends helped us prepare for this and we have nothing to show for it… it was such a shame and it pissed a lot of people off… and caused quite a few upsets…

      Havins said that.. since the wedding I’ve seen pictures and videos posted on several facebook accounts and some on google+… so the family did have a point.. and I can’t believe even after the announcements banning photography some people still sneakily took pictures and videos, then have the cheek to upload them when they were specifically asked not to.

  7. OMG FB !!! I wrote an article about this hype , believe me , more will follow instead of facebook . But (most) teenies nowadays are addicted to ” the social media ” due to the fact you don’t need to go out of your door , sit nicely and safe behind your screen and most of them think you can say what you want . We have 4 kids @ home , from 17 to 22 and believe me , some of them are close to a social emptyness …. they only have contacts via internet , but in real life nobody shows up and they seem to be isolated . I do not believe in facebook , yep , I use it sometimes for my wp updates , and that’s it . I don’t like messenging , chatting and all that crab . I need people to talk to , face to face . And … in the end social behaviour , social skills and new friends …. the best way to get in contact with people is in the old fashioned way : face to face . Internet , facebook , hyves ( in Holland) it can be nice , but it also can get a huge addiction .

    • I do prefer both because they both have their own advantages.. real life because that is reality and this is what we are and this is our lives…

      social networks are great for connecting us people to others who normally we would never meet or be able to keep in touch with and it costs next to nothing…

      The problems arise when people take them too personally and become addicted… now when you’re out or visiting someone… most of the time people are too busy checking in to where they are… doing status updates or quickly taking photos to post… it’s like the whole dam event is revolving around fb… no one these days seems to put their phones down when they are in company…

    • So true… I do have one.. but I don’t want it to be my main topic of conversation for the evening or my whole day is revolving around fb, the check in, the status update, the tagging etc etc… sometimes i might not want every tom dick and harry to know where I am.. and some idiot will check in somewhere and tag me..

  8. FB is anything else, it is what you make of it ๐Ÿ™‚ yes it is a social circle but it does not take place of the human interaction, unless you let it

  9. I know the feeling very well, I refuse to sign up for facebook and am left out of many conversations because they appear to have already started on facebook or are because of facebook. I really do refuse to give in to the pressure!

  10. really fb is eveything now. People got nothing else to talk about, everywhere you turn you hear: did you see that on fb , fb is this and all that. I am NOT on fb, went there once but didn’t like the environment and something else so I left. And my friends tell me that you should go, you are boring etc.

    I never force them to make a blog or something then why should anyone else force
    you to do something you don’ t want to do.

    Great Post. Totally Agree!!

    • It’s true if it’s not for you why go there… I went to twitter coz someone asked me to… it was extremely depressing… I only use it occasionally now and that suits me fine…

      Stick to your guns… best way to go…

  11. Its finally upto us … What we share is what they see… I have been in these sites for a long time… but only few close ones know whts happening in my life…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • You have settings and privacy settings and album settings.. so yeah you can pretty much control most of it… since google+ fb has pulled it’s socks up and sorted a lot of things out giving us more control over who sees what… so if anyone is complaining they don’t have any privacy on there… they just don’t know how to use their account properly…

  12. I can’t lie to you, I have used that line,

    ‘Oh yeah, I saw it on facebook..’, or ‘did you seen on Xs FB page?’

    I see your point, but what get’s to me the most are the same old, repatative, BULLSHIT status updates.

    My dogs just just had its dinner…awww look at my dog…I love my dog…taking the pupp for walkies….cuddles with my poodle….my dog just ate MYY dinner…seriously, put your hand up if you give a shit?

    Then you get the cryptic messages (from girls mostly)…alluding to stuff but witholding the whole story,

    I hate two faced people….Thinking about what could have been….once again I’ve made the same silly mistake….when will things go my way….

    Then there is the classic,

    Never. Drinking. Again.

    Anyways…do you want to somehow promote my blog? ๐Ÿ˜›

    • The other day a cat puked up and there was the pic of the cat and the puke… yukkkhhhhh :O

      You can hide status updates of people and pages if you don’t want to see them in your newsfeed… or do what i do .. make up a group and put people in it who you only want to see in your news feed and ignore the rest.. simple…

      Or there are the Fb marriage proposals… why does someone think I’m gonna marry them without meeting or seeing them… for all i know you could be as old as my granpa and have walking stick.. ( no offence to old people but I’m gonna marry someone who is gonna be more my age… anyway this is going to be a post for my blog.. so you can read more about it later )

  13. I recently put a post on facebook saying something like, People dont need to air their dirty laundry all over it. I don’t see “a lot of it” but it’s going on all over the place.

    • Hey thanks for the like! Well I think Facebook started as a public wall for you to air your views and comments. Sometimes the feeds that I get are so pointless and spam-ish haha. So recently I’ve stopped going Facebook as often unless I need to FB chat someone (since I no longer have MSN messenger installed :P). But you’ve gotta admit that Facebook has such as strong presence in everyone’s life and its a really good place for you to update yourselves on what your friends (both old and new) are up to right now! And I guess that’s the best feature of Facebook ๐Ÿ™‚

      • It’s great for keeping in touch and seeing pictures of people who are far away and what they’re up to. The other stuff is for the Inbox.

        Oh yah, facebook and marketing it has lured everyone in there and why not? It’s a social network, kind of like blogging… ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I love the cartoon. Facebook can be a useful tool: for example it can spread information about you that you’d like employers or customers to see and it can keep you in a degree of contact with people not close friends better than Christmas cards or whatever. It’s also an easy way to spread things like a petition – or a joke.

    However, I agree this kind of communication is one-dimensional and shallow. Genuine conversation is much more interactive and flexible! Also because Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are actually faceless and toneless, it’s much easier for misunderstandings to turn to vituperation or blanking people out – and if we don’t want to know about the pain we’ve caused, we can block it.

  15. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t use FB all that much – only when I fancy – so I do end up missing updates quite a few times… But I can see this happening ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Great cartoon and good point. I love facebook and it has been essential to us out in Bangladesh for keeping in touch with good friends. It is also a good way for me promoting my blog! But like all things, it can be abused and misused for which the answer is not disuse but right use. You don’t go posting anything on FB anymore than you would go to your towncentre and shout it out to everyone out shopping! It should be there for you to keep in touch with those that matter to you when you CAN’T do it in person. For me, that is vital. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  18. Hello Rokhsana’s sis. I love this article – so funny, especially the priest! If you’re sense of humour’s anything like Rox’s, then I’m going to love your blog (minus the rude bits ๐Ÿ˜ณ)
    I’m not sure where to start though, as there are so many categories. Can you give me any suggestions? Thanks x

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