I have been tagged – Twice

I have been tagged 2 times to answer some questions posed by my fellow bloggers The British Asian Blog and potatosandwich. It’s 3 times I’ve been tagged, I’ve just forgotten who it was 😦 So when I remember I will do that post too.

So here goes…

First of all the rules must be posted…

  1.  You must post the rules
  2. Answer the questions tagger set for you in their post and then ‘create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged’
  3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
  4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!
These questions were set by The British Asian Blog
  1. Reveal one secret now, which you have never told anyone else?There is a reason why it’s a secret, so if I’ve not told anyone up till now… I’m not going to do it now either   
  2. From your closest friends network, name one person who you secretly envy and why? I have some amazing friends and all have done expectationally well in life, I admire and adore them but envy them I don’t. Maybe it’s because I’m just too thankful for what I have in life and never dwell too much on what I don’t.
  3. If you were made Prime Minister for One day of your current country or the country from you originate from with total power – what changes would you make in that one day to make your country better? Some things are just a lost cause and no matter what you do nothing will change it or help it. So what I would do is look and see what I could do for future generations to better their lives and the country I’m in charge of.  I would pass a bill that has to put education on the front and given top priority and attention be given to funding this system and it made available to every child free of charge. I’m a firm believer that education is where it all starts and if we can give top education to our future generations then the country will become a better place itself.
  4. Do you know why men have nipples? Yes, it’s to tell which way round they are, what is their back and what is their front, because otherwise everything looks the same and we wouldn’t have a clue much like them not having a clue about themselves.
  5. If there is one physical aspect you would change about yourself – what would that be? I’ve never really thought about this but if I did have a chance to change something I’d probably want longer hair, really long hair.
  6. When was the last time you cried – and why? Right now I’m attending a wedding which has about 8 functions. It’s this families first wedding, and it’s very emotional, so tears are flowing just about all the time when we are round there joining in on the celebrations. Other than that probably Mother’s Day.
  7. Identify one thing you hate about yourself (physical appearance or habit)? It has to be my ability to detach myself from certain situations that. I have friends and family tell me all the time that in certain situations I become very robotic. It might be my way of coping with things but usually I prefer looking into a situation rather than being part of it.
  8. If you could rewind back time, tell me one thing or incident you would change in which you were involved in? Probably a funeral I went to, I still get the flash backs.
  9. Name one blogger (in your blogging community) you would like to meet in person? It would have to be Bobby, he is my closest friend here and we have this amazing relationship. At first when I visited his blog I thought he was a pain in the ass but he proved me wrong very quickly. We became friends during a very dark period in my life and he was there with me and for me all the way. He brings out the worst and best in me and if there is anything I appreciate about him is how he brings out the honesty in me which nobody else seems to do. So yeah Bobby it would be.
  10. If you had to choose between keeping a lottery win (for millions) or keeping your love of your life – which one would you choose and why? I wouldn’t pick either, both bring you nothing but misery.
  11. Tell us about one embarrassing incident when you was caught red handed doing something which your shouldn’t have? I fancied this biology teacher of mine, call it a crush, and one day I had skipped school. He caught me mucking about across the road from the school. I was mortified, I got into so much trouble but I was more heart broken he told me off and punished me. I honestly thought the guy loved me secretly, obviously not! My mates had a field day at school teasing me about this.. to this day they still do…

This set of questions were set by our wonderful buddy Expand and Realise

  1. If you had to change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I have a habit of lecturing people when I get annoyed with them. If  they keep going on about something that I don’t agree with I will start.
  2. What three things have you learnt from your immediate family? Fight till death if you really want something, no one is ever nice to you without a reason and family isn’t everything ( they will put others first and their own needs first before they think of you )
  3. Today you win the lottery, what will you do in the next seven days? I don’t do the lottery so it’s kinda hard to imagine, but if I did I will be planning on leaving the country and no one gets to know where I’m going.
  4. If you had the chance to go back in time to view a past event, what event would that be and why? My 1st birthday, I’d love to see how it was celebrated and how happy my parents were.
  5. If your life was a book, what would the title be? She really was crazier than she sounded!
  6. If you were asked to re-design the World, what message would you give to the new human race? Everyone must be nice to everyone… then sit back and watch the drama unfold…
  7. Growing up, what’s the best memory you have? Sitting in a tree, with my brothers and their mates, in a Pakistani village throwing oranges at passers by. It was hilarious until we got caught.
  8. If you were asked to direct a film, what would it be about and what would you call it? (cannot be about your life). “He did have sex with her!” but from Hilary Clinton’s point of view. Would love to know her point of view on the whole palava… I’m hoping she will let me interview her for research on the film.
  9. If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go and why? Tambuktu it’s meant to be really nice there :P…
  10. Do you think all this “social media” and “instant communication” is a goodthing for us?  Please explain your answer. Of course it is… I remember when communication between family and relatives used to take weeks and phone calls were rare, business wise we can all see the advantages but in people’s private lives it really has made all the difference. I was on skype with some friends the other day and it was just like sitting having a drink with them in my own house. I felt like they had come to visit.
  11. If you were to write a hand-written letter to someone, who would you address it to and what message would you write in it? It would be to my two moms and I’d probably write things to them I never got to say to them.

Now my 11 questions…

  1. What are the reasons or inspiration for your blog?
  2. If you were given 3 wishes what would you wish for? ( can’t ask for more wishes)
  3. Time is running out and you only have time to either have a shower or iron your clothes, what will you do?
  4. The reason behind you having the mobile that you do?
  5. A song you love but are embarrassed to let anyone know, what’s it called?
  6. If you were an animal, which would you be?
  7. If you could turn back the clock and fix a mistake you made, which would it be?
  8. Out of all the blogs here on wordpress which one would you recommend to me for reading?
  9. What’s the worst post you have ever read and why was it so bad for you?
  10. Why have you chosen the theme that you have on your blog?
  11. Your favourite quote of all time?


And my tags are…








♡ The Tale Of My Heart ♡

The Hook




46 responses to “I have been tagged – Twice

    • 🙂 that nipple question… hahaahaha

      i avoided tagging you because I knew you have done quite a few… I know someone else has tagged me but they haven’t bothered to inform me and I can’t find their blog so I’m waiting… 😛

  1. Hi hun! 🙂

    Sorry sweetheart, but i don’t do the awards thing at the best of times and right now I am very poorly so I’m just checking my emails before going back to bed.

    I don’t know what I’ve got, but I have no intention of passing it on…

    Love and poorly hugs…


    • Hey hope you feeling better soon.

      It’s not an award my dear friend… But no worries its just for fun… But I do hope you’d accept an Oscar if you were ever awarded one 😉

      • Thanks Aneesa! 🙂

        Just to let you know: Men have nipples because during the first six weeks of pregnancy the unborn is proto female, sex defination occurring later. 🙂

        Love and hugs!


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  3. Why men have nipples ???? especially your answer was striking !!!
    But even without nipples you can see the difference between the back and front part of my body lol , but still I am glad to have them , even there is no logical reason for it . Redundant things left from prehistory I guess . Awesome article 🙂

    • Me and my best friend/neighbour used to throw water balloons from our bedroom window. We once hit the guy who lived across the road from us, we just blasted him with about 20 balloons one after the other.

      He was totally soaked and threatened to get us back. We just couldn’t stop laughing till we seen him coming back with a box of eggs. We quickly shut the window but he pelted us anyway. The window was covered in egg yolk. He was so mad but when my dad got home he was even madder. He made him come and clean our window while all his mates watched him. He was so embarrassed.

      Ah the good old days 😉

  4. Okay Princess now you know that I never take part in these things however I will add eleven answers here for you, but I won’t be posting anything on my Space about it so I hope this choice will be acceptable to you 🙂


    01.What are the reasons or inspiration for your blog?
    02.If you were given 3 wishes what would you wish for? ( can’t ask for more wishes)
    03.Time running out so only time for a shower or iron your clothes, what will you do?
    04.The reason behind you having the mobile that you do?
    05.A song you love but are embarrassed to let anyone know, what’s it called?
    06.If you were an animal, which would you be?
    07.If you could turn back the clock and fix a mistake you made, which would it be?
    08.Of all the blogs on WP which one would you recommend to me for reading?
    09.What’s the worst post you have ever read and why was it so bad for you?
    10.Why have you chosen the theme that you have on your blog?
    11.Your favourite quote of all time?


    01/ Stops me biting necks of an evening…
    02/ A fairer world for all (No need for three more wishes, just the one)
    03/ A shower of course, besides Stinky Vampires Suck, actually clean one’s do too 🙂
    04/ My Nokia X2.00 (Superb for music with ghoulishly loud speakers)
    05/ Unchained Melody… (Perhaps I Am An Ageing Romantic? 🙂 )
    06/ Lion… Grooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowl
    07/ Would have stayed single longer, much longer, and even longer than that… lol
    08/ Vampire Weather (An excellent blend of poetry)
    09/ Hey too many bad postings on here to list…
    10/ Now Come On Aneesa, what do you think? 🙂 lol
    11/ Favourite Quote: There are so many, however…

    If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day,
    and if you teach a man to fish you feed him for his life…

    I hope these give you a better insight and although
    my answers don’t reveal much about me, there are
    some things here that you didn’t know so how about
    that for being a tad wicked? 😉

    Hey, and don’t be asking anyone else to tag me
    because this is a one off just for you Princess Laila 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Aw this is so sweet of you O’Dark one and I’m glad you did the answers just for me which makes it even more special 😉

      Your wicked answers do tell us more about you and as you know it’s always good to know more about our wickedly fine friends. 😉

      Thanks so much Andro


      • You are very welcome Princess and do have a most exciting rest of evening, oh yes and try to be good while you are at it too 🙂 Well you know 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

  5. HELL NO! I just completed my month-long final term exams and you’ve got me here with a huge list of more questions. 😥

    Anyway, LMAO at #4 about men. 😆

    I’ll be answering them shortly. Keep an eye on my blog. 🙂

  6. I like andro’s idea, I’ll answer them here.
    1. I was storing information to write a book. Many posts are now hidden for that purpose. Now it’s a part of my day.
    2. I would wish for a lot of money. Then I could help all my friends, do what I wanted to and not need wishes. 🙂
    3. Shower.
    4. There’s a reason to have a mobile? Doesn’t everyone just have one? LOL
    5. I don’t have such a song. I don’t care what anyone else thinks in this regard.
    6. A horse.
    7. I think I would not have gone out with someone from many years ago.
    8. Mine. Of course. 🙂
    9. The one where predators got exposed. For obvious reasons.
    10. Because it’s soothing on my eyes. (color)
    11. Don’t have one.

    • nice answers… some more questions for you lol

      How is the book publishing going?

      I was referring to the reasons you use that particular phone.. why you picked that make and model

      Why a horse?


      • Meh, I have an outline but no brain … really I need to refocus myself aand do a little bit at a time so it doesn’t seem like a HUGE project. That’s really what it boils down to.

        Oh I picked my make and model because it’s touch, it’s an HTC thingy has features I’ve never discovered yet LOL so It’s always a surprise and because it fits neatly in my jeans pocket in the front. 🙂

        The horse… Because they’re intuitive, beautiful and amazing.

  7. Hi there Aneesa,

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my 11 questions and what answers you have provided, very good.

    I love the one about your childhood memory, just seems so peaceful, so innocent and care free.

    I thought I change the rule set a little and be the 12th person to answer your questions.

    1.What are the reasons or inspiration for your blog?
    To eventually become a writer

    2.If you were given 3 wishes what would you wish for? ( can’t ask for more wishes)
    I would wish to have my father back
    Great health at all times
    My wife and I happily grow old together

    3.Time is running out and you only have time to either have a shower or iron your clothes, what will you do?
    Shower. I can see past creased clothes but not a smelly person

    4.The reason behind you having the mobile that you do?
    So I can surf, blog and tweet

    5.A song you love but are embarrassed to let anyone know, what’s it called?
    Chikni Chameli (Agnepaath). It’s randy and goes against my conservative nature *tut* *tut*

    6.If you were an animal, which would you be?
    Lion – King of the Jungle

    7.If you could turn back the clock and fix a mistake you made, which would it be?
    Anytime I upset my father

    8.Out of all the blogs here on wordpress which one would you recommend to me for reading?

    9.What’s the worst post you have ever read and why was it so bad for you?
    No such thing as a bad post, everyone is entitled to their voice

    10.Why have you chosen the theme that you have on your blog?
    I love the colour sky blue

    11.Your favourite quote of all time?
    “You spend time with your family. Good, because a man who doesn’t spend time with this family is not a real man”. Godfather I

    Have a nice day.

    • Ah you are an angel and thanks for answering my questions… 🙂

      I think for those of us that have lost parents would give up all our wishes and much more to have them back.. or do some things different… I’m lucky in my parents last few years I did a lot for them and I know they were happy with me.. I’d rectified a lot of mistakes I made growing up and made up for them in so many ways… the last time I spoke to my mom she said that if she was to ask God for a daughter again she would want one just like me.. she was proud of me and in my own opinion it was them that did a great job on me… they brought me back from destruction so many times… I was so lost as a child and as a teenager… i was convinced no one understood me… the one person that did… they never approved of … but their patience with me has been amazing and there are times I still don’t think I’ve done enough for them…

      A lion… yeah I can just see it… who has control of the remote in your house again? 😛

      Love your quote… and so true aswell….

      great stufff Potatoe 🙂

  8. You answered these questions beautifully. Ive been tagged too but haven’t had time to answer. Maybe after I finish this trip.. I will have time to do it 🙂

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