Where Are My Tomorrows.

My sweet love,
missing you 
missing you so much 
Reaching out, 
missing you 
missing your touch. 

My sweet darling, 
your sea of sorrows are drowning
drowning me another death. 
Dry your eyes, 
think of life 
think of your tomorrows. 

You were my life, 
you were not just my yesterday 
You were my every breath 
my everyday. 

My soul dies a million deaths 
watching you 
from the heavens above. 
Be brave, 
learn to live again 
for me my sweet love. 

How can pain be so sweet 
yet hurt so much. 
When I reach out 
and can't find you 
can't find your sweet loving touch. 

Shhhh you will always 
dance inside my soul, 
eternity is ours. 
I'm counting the weeks 
days and hours. 
Again you will be mine, 
forever till the end of time. 

My dreams 
my thoughts 
a sweet bitter melody 
All in your sweet 
loving painful memory. 

Dry your tears 
Let me be the one 
Who still takes Away your fears. 
Your sorrows Who gives you back your tomorrows. 
You are mine 
forever mine 

There is no door 
No stairs to you 
To dance in your soul 
Don't try to console me 
Just words 
empty words 
This soul is forever lost 
Gone forever gone... 

Oh my sweet love 
my darling love 
Have faith in the 
Heavens above 
The angels too hear your cries 
Here in paradise. 
Patience my love 
My sweet sweet love. 

I beg you to set me free 
Of this pain and memory 
My heart my soul 
can no long bear 
this desire 
Smouldering smoking fire
Embers n Ashes
Dust to dust

48 responses to “Where Are My Tomorrows.

    • Kenny what is stand up poetry?

      I used to write loads of poetry when I was a student… then never found the time for it… sometimes it just comes to me…

      I’m British 🙂

  1. Why so sad .. and who knows what tomorrow is going to bring .. past has gone nothing can be done

    today is what one needs to care of …

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  3. Very cleverly written, it’s 2 people talking, isn’t it? First stanza is her talking and the 2nd is the reply, 3rd is her again and so forth.
    Very deep and touching and those of us who know you will know what you are talking about. You have found a great platform for your outlet.

  4. …………….. and your tomorrow ???? It’s in your own hands , in your mind , in your behaviour . You can create your own world with all the people you love . Your future is something what the result is of what you’re doing now . Sometimes you will loose something , somebody , later on you will miss it and after all you will accept it . That’s life , get out what is in it !

    • I can almost hear you talking to me in a very stern manner… lol

      Sometimes life has many twists and turns… when something happens or someone leaves you… it’s true their story ends in your life and yours continues… yes you do miss it and then accept it and you move on… but it never stops hurting… ive lost too many people to know this… all that happens is you learn to live with a pain that sometimes numbs and sometimes kills you a millions time over…

  5. Hi Aneesa! 🙂

    Yeah these bugs are a pain – I think I got this one off Sarah, my blind friend, so next time remind me not to kiss her when she has a chest infection! LoL!!!

    Love and hugs!


  6. A beautiful piece of poetry Princess
    and written with such heart and soul
    my great friend…

    I wish you very well dear Aneesa…

    Androgoth XXx

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