Another bunny boiler bites the dust! Funny must read!

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24 responses to “Another bunny boiler bites the dust! Funny must read!

  1. Geeezzzz Aneesa I can’t believe it. I would like to think it was a joke bu it sure didn’t look like it from what he was saying about things she’d already done.

    I knew a girl like that years and years ago, she had the hots for a guy I was dating and she got scary. She told everyone in our group I was threatening her, told him she was afraid of me, that I followed her at a party and threatened her. He confronted me and I said she was lying and I wanted to confront her face to face. We met, him, her and me and all our friend and she straight out lied to everyone, tearS and all. What could I do? I walked away and told him he’d find out the truth someday. They became boy friend and girlfriend and it was almost a year later I was in Dairy Queen and he asked to talk to me. He had found out the truth, she was a psycho bitch that lied about everything and now he couldn’t get rid of her.

    I never forgave the bitch, I saw her years later and she pretended to be nice but I just ignored her. Obviously someone like that is sick, but their fricken scary.

    • I think the signs are always there but many don’t recognise them or choose to ignore them. Very often by the time they do see the person for who they really are it’s too late.

      Secrets never remain secrets and the truth alwAys comes out.

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