What is the definition of an “open relationship”?

I put this question up on Facebook the other day and was surprised and shocked by some of the answers.

So just wanting to do some research on what you think the definition is of an open relationship… please take the time to cast your vote. Remember all answers will be anonymous.

Post and results will follow soon.

18 responses to “What is the definition of an “open relationship”?

  1. I hope you are doing a follow up
    posting to let us all know the results
    of your poll? 🙂 Hey have a Pancake
    for me today, I am being good 🙂 😉

    Androgoth XXx

  2. I would like to know what your view is on an open relationship! Whatever it is, I’m not down with it. I don’t like the sound of it! LOL!

    But I heard once about Jada and Will Smith had an open relationship and that they were to let each other know if they have a desire to be with another person before they take action and then the other must approve of the person. WTF? Now thats something I heard…you tell us! LOL

  3. In my view an open relationship simply means ‘no strings’ attached relationship. In the past, this was pretty much a taboo in all communities. Today, with women being ever more independent, they too can call for an open relationship – often one which fits around their life-styles.
    Coming back to what it means, well that depends on the type of person you are. If the person prefers people of same gender then open relationship will mean something different to that person who prefers people of opposite gender.
    I personally don’t think anything wrong with open relationships, and for me, an open relationship means having relationships with more than one women and vise-versa. It’s more common than you think, especially in University and corporate environments. At the end of the day, in a open relationship no party is left hurt or lied too.

  4. An interesting poll. I’m probably quite conservative in my own personal preferences but, in theory, I don’t see issue with open relationships of any of the kinds you mention. In today’s society, to be honest, I’m not sure how you can be anything else. Aldous Huxley imagined just such an open relationship situation in his ‘Brave New World’ where it was illegal to be monogamous. As I say, personally, I’ve been married forever and would quite like to stay that way so one lady is enough for me! But I’ve known people have open relationships very successfully over the years…

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