Whitney Houston dead aged 48

20120212-015033.jpgPublicist Kristen Foster says singer Whitney Houston, the multi award winning singer, has died at the age 48.

She was found dead in her hotel room. Other details are not clear yet.

Houston won two Emmy Awards, six Grammy Awards, 30 Billboard Music Awards, 22 American Music Awards during her record-breaking career. Her album “Whitney” was the first female album to ever debut at #1 on the Billboard Charts. She has sold 200 albums world wide said TMZ.

Houston had one child, Bobbi Kristina, with husband Bobby Brown. Houston and Brown were married from 1992-2007.

She was famed for her hit role in the film Bodyguard starring alongside Kevin Costner.

Later in her career, the toll of drug use had got to her and her album sales plummeted. Last year at the 02 in London she performed in front of a sell out crowd however many fans called her performance ‘bizarre’ and said had lost her voice and was not the same performer.

She confessed openly to abusing cocaine, marijuana and pills.


22 responses to “Whitney Houston dead aged 48

  1. Man this is the worse, seriously! There has not been another singer like Whitney! Her voice was golden and she was natural with it. Despite her ending she was still always my favorite Singer…Damn!

    • No one knows yet but cause of death will eventually come it.

      She is a legend. I grew up in a house where her songs were played constantly. I still remember the hype around “The Bodyguard” and that famous song of hers.

      I watched her on YouTube all the time and even have my own playlist with just her songs. I’m a big fan of older music and hers was of a calibre that to this day no one has quite matched upto.

      Just really sad for her career and her daughter. I always thought she would make an amazing comeback, but she never did.

    • The drugs ruined her career.. sometimes when i listen to her sing i think what a waste and it truly was a waste… she was at the peak of her career when she met Bobby Brown and after that it went all down hill…

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