It’s not often I reblog something unless its something worthwhile sharing…

I was born in Glasgow and grew up here. I love my country and understand how lucky and privileged we are to be British. Especially when I look at where my parents are from and the kind of life I could have had.

I went through a system of this country that looked after me and gave me a family once again when i lost my own as a kid.

The EDL is not the Britain I know. My Britain isn’t racist and in my city we stick up for each other and look out for each regardless of religion, creed or colour. I refuse to accept anything else of the country I’m born into, from it’s govt or it’s public.

So having said this I present to you some humour, you really can’t call it anything else 😉

MamaJi's Rant

As the EDL embarked on Leicester and cost the tax payers thousands of pounds, I began following the news of their progression on Twitter.

It was a comparatively small turn out for the EDL. Concerns were that it was snowing and they might catch a cold, so they decided that it was safer to stay at home than fight their wannabe Nazi cause.

Anyways, I found out from Twitter that a lot of people are confused as to what the EDL are and what they stand for. Are they a “football firm” for the BNP, or just an “I’m proud to have achieved my life-long ambition to shave my head community?”

I ended up researching and found a great spokesperson and representative for the EDL, who really summarized what they are about in a few words.

So here it is, for your educational pleasures.

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  1. i totally agree with ur post .. britian is not racist at least not as racist as the countries we belong to … where there is so much racisem on cast creed religion an even color and locality one is living in …

    • So true, I think it happens everywhere but thankfully in some countries it isn’t as intense.

      I remember when I was younger my parents did keep away from certain people but not because they despised them because of our differences but simply because our mindsets did not match theirs and it was easier keeping themselves to themselves.

      Thankfully we are more tolerant and have come a long way.

  2. Unfortunately people may not see it in the same light as we do. Racism does still exist in this country. Admittedly, United Kingdom is my home as much as it is for anyone else – I was born and bred in this country – and I continue to serve this nation best as I can. That said, Racism, although officially banned, seems to pop up once in a while – given us a gentle reminder of how ‘some’ peoples minds function.

    These EDL fools – have no authority to speak on behalf of us British, other than when they are drunk (and when they speak more sense).

    EDL stands for English Drunken Lunatics

    • I hadn’t really heard of them untill I seen you and mamaji “tweeting” them. In Glasgow it’s very rare we have to deal with this sort of stuff. In fact it’s so rare I’ve never dealt with it and I’m so glad I haven’t.

      I’m happy we are now in an educated society and a very tolerant one that we can live side by side as normal humans. Where colour and creed isn’t an issue when being friends or neighbours.

      They too will disappear soon like all the rest have in time. Especially when people have bigger things to worry about, like the double dip recession etc. These are just a bunch of bored idiots with nothing better to do.

      I think they are hilarious… all you can do is really just laugh at them. 😛

  3. I am not in favour of the ‘reblog’ option but here it seems to have worked out just fine princess, but this is because you are a wickedly nice and trustworthy blogger…

    Unfortunately Racism is worldwide and it can be a minority that spoil it for everyone else, sort of tarring everyone with the same brush when in reality it is only a narrow minded view of the ‘tunnel vision Brigade’ and this is on every level, not just whites, coloured, or whatever…

    It is a shame I think that we cannot ALL live together happily 🙂 A nice posting my friend and shows that the ‘reblog’ can work sometimes…

    Have a lovely rest of day Princess 🙂 😉

    Androgoth XXx

    • Hey my keyboard either misses letters
      or in this case the upper case has not worked
      properly… Resulting in my comment looking
      a tad shabby… Hmm… 😦

      Androgoth XXx

  4. Hi Aneesa! 🙂

    I don’t know what to say!!!

    This guy had the IQ of a packet of crackers, had no idea of what he was talking about and was either drunk or stoned! 😦

    Hate is easy to spread – I get the occasional anti-muslim email turning up, though none this year – but they take facts and distort them.

    True we had a child prostitution gang in Rochdale who were Muslims, but not every Muslim in the UK was a member of the gang any more than all the White British are all members of the EDL or BNP!

    What that video proves is how easy it is to spread malice and how the ignorant and, let’s be honest, chronically dysfunctional, find a voice based on their misperceptions.

    They see Muslims as a threat – and, let’s be honest, watching TV footage of Asians with their faces covered screaming death to anyone insulting Islam does tend to put across a far different message than peace and love – add to that the suicide bombers and the ongoing threat of terrorism world wide and you can see how easy it is to stoke the fires of intolerance!

    what scares me is that people like our interviewee are allowed to breed… 🙂

    As for Islamic law: people do not understand Sharia law, only that it allows horrific penalties and legalises the murder of rape victims for the sake of family honour.

    Ignorance is a hard field to plow, but there must be change on both sides of the fence or else people like the BNP and EDL are going to find more converts and the TV news will be reporting more than just drunken louts shouting in the streets…

    love and hugs!


    • Every one knows a Muslim. Either they work with one, live next door to one, studied with one or just knows them.

      I’d like to ask people out there… The Muslims that you know… How often do u see them carrying weapons with their faces covered running around threatening a jihad on you?

      How often have you had trouble from your fellow Muslims ? And most will say never or hardly. So then why do people choose to believe that the idiots and extremists they see on tv are what Muslims are about. When you know them and live with them on a day to day basis.

      My neighbours are white. My friends are white. But when I saw those EDL twats on tv I didn’t sit and think that that’s what all white people are like. I look at my peers and think “I know that’s a minority and it’s not how my country thinks or my neighbours think or my friends think or my co workers think because I know the people around me. I have known them so long I trust them and know they will never harm me.”

      Thanks for your thoughts prenin.


      • All true Aneesa! 🙂

        From bitter experience I can tell you that racism is alive and well in England.

        It was only when Khan and a few others bought out the local taxi firms that we actually got Rochdale Asian drivers in this town – before then they couldn’t get work with the white-owned companies and when they were taken over a lot of the white drivers quit and went to work elsewhere!

        We had a few problems with Asian drivers ripping off the elderly, so the companies lost clients (I have been cheated twice) until the bad apples were weeded out.

        There’s still one young driver who smokes cannabis ‘on the job’, but I haven’t seen him recently, so either he’s quit or been fired…

        Today I have a lot of friends among the drivers and they are a good bunch, but I’ve heard some shocking stories of what they have to put up with from some of the customers! 😦

        Right now their biggest problem is that there are too many taxis chasing too few jobs and the drivers are having to work 12 hours a day seven days a week and despite the rise in fuel costs the charges haven’t gone up since 1979 so they are ALL struggling, but have to struggle on because if they raise their prices they’ll lose customers.

        It’s a sad situation that they should have to be forced to put up with all these hassles for such meagre pay…

        Love and Hugs! 🙂


  5. Britain is really one of my most favorite places in the world. And no place is immune from discrimination, unfortunately. One just has to take the good with the bad, as you are doing!

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