My week on twitter.

While taking time out from blogging and the world I went to hang out on twitter and I think I may have screwed my head up more but I discovered a few things too.

I always say you have to try something once and twitter I just wasn’t interested in. I made my account for my blog and my nieces ran it for me untill a few weeks ago, then I took control. They already had followers and were following roughly the same amount of people. I decided to give it a try finally, as I was looking for a change.

When they gave me control of the account they made it perfectly clear the one golden cardinal rule of twitter is…. ” Never follow more people than what you are being followedby ” Ok got it! so basically if I have 500 followers i have to keep the people I’m following lower than that… ok that also means if I want to follow someone I have to either up my followers or delete some of the peeps im following. Do you get it? eh don’t worry it’s annoying I know. But I did notice many people weren’t following this cardinal rule so what the hell, I thought let’s just enjoy twitter, to hell with teeny boppy rules and being uncool.

Like a fb wall you have a twitter time line. I was following 500 people and my god u cant keep up.

If you don’t pay attention for a few minutes it’s like you’ve missed a lifetime of tweets. The notifications can hit anything up to 200 in the space of 2/3 minutes. And most of it was not even interesting.

I mean how much trash can a person tweet? I can understand you talking to other tweeters but some people just jibber away, whether they get a reply or not.

I quickly realised I don’t like talking to myself, basically I need attention. I made some good friends there, found some old ones and fell out with a few too. Not bad considering I’d really only been there a week. But twitter is basically for those who exist only in the centre of their own universe and nobody else exists alongside them.

How can you tweet all day long with no one retweeting your tweets or replying you? What do you get out of it? There is one guy there who I must applaud for staying awake 24/7. He spits those tweets out like nobodys business. He tweets while he is eating, walking, sitting, shitting. How do I know? because he tweets every few seconds. Just quote after quote after quote. I was wondering how he manages this. Could there be an auto service on this? Or perhaps more people running the same account in different time zones. Perhaps that’s how manages round the clock tweeting.

They’re are quite a few who do the quote tweets, and it’s not just a quote here or there, they are non stop. I mean get a life!

My timeline was being trashed by these little selanators and bliebers. ( my nieces are fans ) They constantly tweet about how much they love one or the other or despise one or the other.

I learnt selina and justin are dating (or were ) and bliebers hate selina because they whole heartedly believe that selina is “ugly” and “talentless” and “is using Justin” Anyway I got sick of it and against my nieces wishes ( they warned me to not unfollow them as they will then unfollow me ) I started to unfollow anyone who had selenatar or blieber in their username or mentioned them in their tweets.

After I unfollowed about four of these weirdos my timeline stood still and went dead. It stopped moving. Completely. I tried to refresh, nothing. I signed in and out, nothing. Turned the phone on and off, nothing. Checked I was still connected to my wifi, it was but nothing. I even downloaded another twitter aap, yet still nothing.

Then it hit me, it was these four little brats that were wrecking havoc on my timeline, totally spamming it and trashing it. After a little while it did move again but not with the speed it was before.

Another person who never shuts up on twitter is PierceMorgan… I can understand little bliebers and selenators tweeting non stop about their crush and passion but what excuse does a grown man have? All I can say to him is… get some sleep. He is there 24/7 tweeting and tweeting and tweeting. Get some help too Pierce!!

Anyway I then discovered you can have lists, make a list and add who you want into them and then you have your very own customised time line. Well I wish someone had told me this before. So I made the effort and made 3 lists and what’s great is the lists can be private or public. I’m keeping mines private, simply because I can 😛

  • One was for the quoters, because some of them are good quotes and funny too.
  • The Second one was for the celebrities I like and follow or just find interesting.
  • The third was for my mates.

Viola! problem of a spammy time line sorted. Could kick myself for not having done it earlier. But I’ve lost my interest in twitter, like I said I don’t like talking to myself. I do that enough in my own head, so why do I need twitter to do it more.

I think I will stick to blogging and Facebook. I will on the odd occasion check in on twitter. If anyone mentions me there I will happily reply but I refuse to talk to myself there as it just doesn’t make sense to me.

I can understand celebrities and businesses tweeting to get a point across but normal people shouldn’t talk to themselves.

Speaking of celebrities. One last thing Now if you are going to have twitter accounts for your loyal fans at least have the decency to reply back to them when they are begging for your attention relentlessly. You are fine tweeting other famous celebrities but whats wrong with replying to a keen little kid who loves you like crazy and just wants you to answer a question or a mention? I mean just add them all and make your lists like I did. Seriously, some of you don’t deserve the love and devotion you get from your loyal followers.

I was really annoyed at how a lot of these celebrities just ignore people tweeting them but as soon as another celebrity tweets all the celebrities join in but ignore everyone else. So arrogant!!

Anyways that’s my thoughts and feelings on twitter. If you want to share your own on this matter please feel free to do so. Look forward to hearing from you.

38 responses to “My week on twitter.

  1. I only follow people I have a similar interest in or it does becaome like you say a bit hectic – I haven#t tried the lists thing yet – I’ll have to hunt you out and follow 🙂

  2. I know an excellent way around this one Princess and that is NOT to Twitter… besides those celebrities are a bunch of losers anyway, and even when they are twittering away to each other it is normally a load of rubbish…

    Well that is what I think anyway 🙂 lol Stick to WordPress Princess, know who your friends are and don’t waste time on Twits, I mean Tweets 🙂 lol

    Be Good Now, or Else? 🙂 😉

    Androgoth XXx

    • I’d made up a tweet there…”to tweet a twat on twitter, a twit will Defo tweet you back” 😉

      Yeah I agree with you. I’m a lot better now and happy to be back on WordPress where the real people are who actually talk to each other. Leave the twitting to tits… Oooops I mean twits lol 😉 excluding my mates there of course. 😉

      Hope your weekend is going well O’dark one


  3. i tried tweeter for like a week two years was a fail. lol…i didnt even know what to do on there!

    i also got tired of following the celebs…felt so boring.

    • I know how you feel. I never had a clue either then my nieces taught me how it worked. It was then easy to use.

      Most of the celebs are boring and some are funny then some sound so false. What’s annoying is that some of them only talk to each other and ignore their fans. That’s just downright offensive.

    • Hmmmmm But there have been some good points too. Like being able to see how potato is doing on his Indian trip, I love the pics he keeps putting up.

      I made some great friends too and found a few old ones. And the ones I lost? Well it’s really their loss as them
      Unfollowing me says more about them than it does about me. I must be really hard to bear lol

      As someone once said “stick to blogging” wise words indeed.

  4. Funny thing is,I never knew about that un-written rule on Twitter(about following),but I instinctively kept my followers and following almost equal.I follow about 220 ppl,and 200 follow me.That’s how I like it(pretty even).

    • My nieces are teenagers so their world and rules are totally different to ours. I’m an alien to them. The other day one of them said I was totally uncool so she won’t be inviting her mate round. I’m like… Ok… saves me from dealing with another stroppy brat then. She stomped off.

      I’ve been informed twice i shouldnt use twitter as I’m embarrassing them. I said to her I’ve posted something on twitter and she has to tweet about it on her twitter account. Her reply was if I tweet that people will start to unfollow me. She said the post is offending to her twitter budfies. I said leave a comment then and she refused Lol

  5. hI Aneesa! 🙂

    Glad to have you back hun! 🙂

    I took one look at Twitter and decided it wasn’t for me – Blogger I am and Blogger I will remain! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


    • Hey Prenin it’s great to be back. And you are so right blogging is best… It’s at your own pace and people talk to you unlike twitter where you mostly talk to yourself.

      But I’m the type of person if I see a challenge I have to succeed at it. Like blogging and my Facebook page. I am satisfied with both. As for twitter I could do it but I think I need to relax and chill instead. Might take it up later and hit a million followers one day lol.

      Hope your doing ok will drop by soon and see what you have been up to. 😉


  6. Twitter can be a wild ride, right? I don’t “tweet” very often – my posts are instantly posted – but my wife loves to follow certain celebrities, vampires of course!

    • Hi Hook… my posts get tweeted there automatically too…. some celebrities are funny and its good following them.. i liked the news updates and sometimes some of the topics that trend are funny too… but It’s like a very silent lonely world…

      vampires…. 😛

  7. Well I dont like it .. and rarely tweet.. why do i need to know if someone is doing this or that .. Good luck ot them .. why shud i waste time reading when I can be doing the same thing myself 🙂

    although it was fun during the cricket world cup when a few of us got together across the planet to enjoy a bit …

    • Hi Bikram I suppose everyone finds something there that works for them… I’m just concerned about the people that sit on it 24/7 very sad…

      If you interact with people there it is more enjoyable…

  8. While I enjoyed reading this post I must say that I don’t twitter. I think maybe it is because I am finally turning into an old foggy. I also don’t text or have one of those cool phones that can do everything but start your car and do the laundry for you.

    I will be following this blog, however. Good read.

    • Hey Timkeen thanks for dropping by and welcome to my space…

      I do have a phone that does everything and am looking forward to the day it will start the car and the laundry for me, maybe the cooking too and help me get my hair done in the morning… a if only… 😛

      I was unwell last week so was in bed for most of it… my phone was my salvation… i dont know where i would be without it..

      Will be over soon to check out your blog too.. thanks for the follow. 🙂

  9. ahh princess… so u are back..!! well personally I too tried it twice, twitter, got followers, but could never pull it off… never got it why it’s so important to mention all my locations and eateries, or my emotions, plus funny one liners… almost 50% are trying to sound (read tweet) cool n witty, with no reason..!!

    Phew..i i too settled on facebook and blogging..!!

    • I think twitter is for those that want to keep it short and sweet… i just found that before i started saying something i would run out of characters… i was doing private messages with some mates… and while they sent only one i was sending about 5 to get my point cross… and as for tweeting… well I need attention it’s as simple as that… if someone doesn’t reply me i get very irritated and paranoid…

      So yeah blogging and FB are best for the likes of us… I don’t wanna be cool… just wanna be myself…

  10. awfully judgmental post I must say :p, I like twitter and I like talking to myself :p as for celebrities and them answering fans, well you mentioned how many posts your missed when your wall flooded, imagine how many posts they get 😉

    • hmmmm whose side are you on? anyway you dont twitter as i never seen you tweet… you sleep most of the day…

      it’s simple if celebrities are going to have “public verified” profiles then they should do the common decency of replying to their fans.

      There are a few that will just retweet everything that someone says to them and another who has a specific time of the day that she will take questions and will answer you. But these people are just a fraction of whats there.

      One thing I noticed about the bollywood actors… if no one tweets then no one does… if one does.. usually SRK they all come out from wherever they are hiding and suddenly start tweeting.. and then only to each other as if no one else on the damn planet exists.. so ruuude!!! 😦

  11. Nice post!

    But twitters how i met you, so surely some thing goods come out of it 😉

    Ur lucky you knew about the rule of having more followers than followings.

    I didn’t know about that rule, but that probably explains why every day, i have to skim through about a hundred of the following types of tweets on my twitter feed.

    1) “Please RT. I’m going to unfollow you if you unfollow me so beware.”

    2) “I know it was you who unfollowed me.”

    2) why did you unfollow me? please follow me back please. Im really sorry.

    maybe its designed for 16 and younger, i duno.

    but the one thing I like about it is that i can shout out what i really want to say, and know that it won’t come back to me, because it’ll be replaced by #teamfollowback messages. It’s a nice release.

    But that’s about it.

    • Mamaji it is true you are one of the good things to come out of twitter… 😉

      I was unfollowed by people but it’s normal.. my nieces said if you tweet funny stuff and about justin, selina and one direction you will get lots of followers and they were right..

      One day someone shouted out when is Zayn Malik’s birthday? ( cute guy from One Direction ) my niece tells me tweet it hurry up! hurry up! so I tweeted his birthday (she knew it, just blurted it out… 12 January) she said you will get followers… so being me and being their sad phuppooo who lets them push her around i tweeted it.. well… i was stunned straight away i gained about 100 followers… she kept saying .. i told you! i told you! But honestly their tweets were driving me crazy… and they kept saying follow back follow back.. crazy place

      I think you do you have to be their age to enjoy it… she pointed out that twitter is for people who love Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber and I’m not arguing with her 😛

      I think I might start a riot there one day.. and start trending on something that would be super cool #princesslailaisfabulousbecause…. 😛

      • Yes reading about what another person ate for breakfast or taking photos and uploading them is so much fun… The only difference is when people used to do it before the social sites it was known as stalking 😛

        • I call them bunny boilers…

          I don’t think anyone’s life is so interesting unless your own is sad and boring 😉

          People who post/tweet 24/7 about what they’re doing, drinking and eating are show offs and it’s all dikhava.

  12. Thanks for the interesting post. I have a Twitter account but have never used it. Perhaps I should give it a go! A month or so ago I took a deliberate decision not to use the internet for five days (Monday-Friday). Due to my work I had to use the web in the office but I didn’t use my home PC, my I-pad or my mobile to go online. It was an interesting experience as I managed to get lots of little jobs done around my home which I’d been meaning to do for ages but had been distracted from doing due to using the internet. It was great to read a few good books and go for walks in the great outdoors. Technology is wonderful but it is healthy to turn it off sometimes!

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