Will be back soon.

Hi guys sorry not been around for a bit. Just dealing with some personal issues health isn’t looking too good either. Will be back soon.


30 responses to “Will be back soon.

  1. As a new faithful follower of your blog, I eagerly await your return.

    As a friend, and with knowledge of how lovely you are as a person, I sincerely wish that you get better soon.


    • mamaji welcome to my space… thanks for all your kind thoughts and messages… you were one of the new friends I found on twitter… i love your blog.. me and my sister have loads of fun with the posts you put up there…. truly a great blog and your sense of humour is so wicked!

      It’s great knowing what great friends I have. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks hun.. you are one of the people I missed.. your blog… wow… that was some discussion going on there yesterday.. some great points too and I learned something.. and that’s what’s really important.. when you join in with the comments and discussions… what you walk away with is a new sense of knowledge and understanding things… great stuff… πŸ˜›

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