Powercut froze me to death.

Last night was just awful, I thought I was going to freeze to death.

I was woken by my mobile phone ringing at around 4am. I ignored the call, I mean who the hell calls you at that time? If it’s an emergency they will call back or try one of our other numbers.

Sure enough seconds later I hear my brothers phone ring from the other room. While straining to hear the conversation i realised that outside a few people’s house alarms had gone off. Power cut I thought. Then my brother confirmed it and also told me ours had gone off too and I needed to go downstairs with him to switch it of.

In my delusioned head I’m thinking why does he need my help? Does he think we have burglars? So just to be on the safe side I grabbed the baseball bat I keep down the side of my bed ( Er… It’s there in case someone throws me a ball at night… What? I thought everyone kept one there! )

He Flashes his mobile light on me in the dark and tells me to put the dam thing away but I refuse. I tell him it’s for our protection. He replies I’m more worried you’ll end up swinging for me in the dark. I just had to giggle. I ask him why he wants me to come down and he tells me ” coz you know where the bloody candles are, I don’t!” duh!! Typical male.

So of we go down the stairs and the alarm is just getting louder and louder. It’s pitch black and we’re both Using our mobiles as lights and they keep bloody going off. I quickly locate some candles under the kitchen sink and light them.

The alarm box is located in the kitchen store cupboard. As soon as he opens the door the noise is deafening. He quickly punches in the code and nothing happens. So he does it again, again nothing. By tUhis time I can feel the noise piercing my ears, it’s really deafening and painful.

He tries a few times more and eventually we realise without any electricity the alarm won’t go of. The noise is so bad I start feeling sick. He just closes the door over tightly which sort of deafens the noise a bit.

It also occurs to me just how cold it is, in the confusion I’ve forgotten to put on slippers and my housecoat. So I go to turn the heating on and nothing. Same problem, without power it won’t come on. Tried to turn on the cooker and realised also no ignition to ignite the gas.

I checked on my nephews who sleep downstairs. It was the older one that had called upstairs to say that the alarm had gone off. Set up a candle for him and told him to stay in bed as its freezing cold. Outside it’s all frosty, temp is -3!

My brother checked that all windows and doors are secure. I made my way back up to bed, I was freezing cold and shivering. I climb into bed and although I only left my bed not even for 10 minutes my bed was ice cold.

I wrapped myself up in my blankets but I was chilled to the bone and the noise from the alarm was driving me crazy. Eventually I got up and put a jumper on and some socks but no such luck. It was like my bed was outside. I could’ve sworn that the outside was probably warmer.

Of those of you who know me well will know I’m always cold and hate being cold. This was just too much. I considered a hot shower but that’s electric too.

Finally after an hour the alarm stopped itself and the power returns just around 6am. I’m thinking great the heating will come on soon with the timer and soon all will be warm. Thinking this I dose off.

I wake up at 7.30 and it’s still ice cold, so cold Infact I can’t even get out of bed. I drag myself downstairs to see what the problem is and realise someone has messed with timer. Aaarrgghhhh!!!

I did switch it on but it was too late as everyone was waking up and the house would take its time heating up. 😦

We all had to get ready this morning in the freezing cold. It was one grumpy irritated household.

Not a great start to a Monday morning. 😦

27 responses to “Powercut froze me to death.

  1. See, I told you we depend on ‘machines’ too much. This post and more importantly your experience links nicely to my last post. One where machines one day refuse to operate for humans….your experience was near enough to what I imagined in my post.

    For those thinking what the hell am I talk about – it will be worth reading my last post.

    • While writing this I thought about doing this as a guest post for you but ended up hitting the publish button.

      Reason being that your post is directly related to this one and fits in well with your machine theme πŸ˜‰

      It was a nightmare last night. Also my iPhone was only 20% battery power. I kept thinking if the power doesn’t come on and the battery goes I’m gonna be so lost and your post kept coming to mind about how much dependant we really have become on modern technology.

  2. Awwww – I would say what a comedy of events but having once come back to a COLD house, I know the feeling of the skin touching those ice as cold bedsheets, every turn met with pain and a shiver.

    Without sounding kinky or perverted….take a nice “hot” bath, sit back and take it easy….until the fingers and toes wrinkle up πŸ™‚

    • You kinky? Never! First my niece had to go to the dentist this morning so needed to be out the door early.

      Once I got in I filled up a hot water bottle and curled up with it on the sofa. I’m not moving.

      I’m taking that bath tonight with lots of bubbles.

  3. at least you were AWAKE to take on monday he he he πŸ™‚ ok ok dont kill me ..
    and baseball bat wow.. I like that …

    it was cold last night and on friday too I was working the night shift and i froze walking ..

  4. Its amazing how much we rely of electricity. Years ago I heated my house with a wood burning stove, I had a furnace but it didn’t do near as good a job and was costly. It would be dang cold if the fire went out in the middle of the night and I’d curse myself. But when the power was out for 3 days one time I was the only one on my street who was toasty warm and able to cook.

    A lot to be said for living without modern conveniences.

    • When we visit Pakistan we complain about the lack of technology there but in truth they are better off than us… the less dependant you are the better off you are in times like these. Power cuts there are normal and regular so they are best prepared. Unlike us who freeze half to death in the dark 😦

  5. I feel like I’m cheating by living in the islands right now lol.

    What about cranking up the stove or oven for some heatage(while cuddling in the kitchen).Thought about that?

    • We did this but last night I needed a lighter to light it and was too cold to look for one and I was half asleep. The candles we lit with matches that ran out.

      There was no one to cuddle up to 😦

  6. We have frequent power-cuts over here although that’s only in summer. But I can sure imagine that I’d go nuts if I was unable to stop an alarming clock. πŸ˜›

  7. see this is kismat, you payback for opening my windows :p oh and I will take a armed to the teeth burglar ANYDAY over you with a bat in the dark on my side….. πŸ˜‰

    • Hey bobby look what I found on twitter… I just posted it to my fb… It kinda reminds me of me and you lol check it out πŸ˜‰

      Also you should really get your windows fixed, broken glass is not safe. And those boards look really ugly. πŸ˜‰

  8. You forget that the heating timer is ALSO electric – sounds like you had a pretty miserable night and morning though!!! 😦

    Hope you got everything fixed up though hun, it was -2.8’C down here in Manchester too and bloody cold this morning!!!

    Love and hugs!


  9. Hey you had a very chilling adventure by the looks of this posting Princess but just imagine the times before central heating and the luxury of turning on the gas fire, I remember years ago, sometime around… erm 1640 when one had to jump out of the straw and make a fire, but before that the sticks had to be collected 😦

    Then it was time for a nice wash or bath, and noooooooo there was no hot water either, it was straight into the river starkers or just an old stinky pot with a bit of water in it, no soaps and scents to make one smell delightful but just a few leaves to wash with and it was bloody freezing cold with icicles forming here, there and, well everywhere really so your little trip into the cold and freezing morning is just one morning out of many hundreds I would imagine…

    Put it this way, if you are in charge of the time machine let’s pick somewhere nice and hot okay? πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ I am pleased that you are warm as toast now though Princess and do have a great rest of evening πŸ™‚

    Androgoth XXx

  10. Bad day…
    that’s why i prefer certain things to be manual… everything dependent on electricity leads to disastrous results.. and from today i have a post to substantiate my point. :p


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