My lucky week.

Two really cool things happened to me on blogosphere world this week which I want to shout about.

No 1  After my dear friend Carrie lost 8 of her 9 puppies while being born. (You can read the sad story over on her blog here) the search for a name started and while we all gave our ideas Carrie decided to name her after ME. Yes she called her Laila. I’m really chuffed as the puppy is so cute. While a little weak and needing much love at the moment I hope she pulls through and makes all of us proud. Laila is a miracle and true survivor just like me 🙂


No 2  I won a competition… yes! MOI! I never win them so this was extra special. Bikram hosted one on his blog and he got an amazing response.. mind you he always gets an amazing response to whatever he writes he is such a cool guy. Aaaannnyyyyywaaayss I am finally a competition winner 😛 You can read all about it here 


16 responses to “My lucky week.

  1. Congratulations, The puppy is cute and I hope it does pull through, and you did well on the competition side too.

    I couldn’t have guessed that the lady in the picture was in fact a Guy – jesus, knocked me for a six to be honest.

  2. COngrats 🙂

    My best wishes for the little puppy i am sure with love and all it will pull through 🙂

    and yeah he makes a beautiful SHE 🙂 he he he .. Thank you for participating 🙂

  3. Well Done Aneesa!!! 🙂

    I’m REALLY Proud of you! 🙂

    Hope the puppy makes it – so many dying in a single birthing is seriously unusual…

    Love and hugs!


  4. This is a lovely posting Princess Laila
    and congratulations on your Award too,
    the puppy is truly wonderful, and hey
    she has your name, now that is special
    isn’t it having a lucky little puppy with
    your name 🙂 Big congratulations on the
    Award too, I am surprised this is your
    first, but it will be the start of many you
    will soon see Aneesa, hey Princess I
    mean 🙂 Have a lovely Christmas time
    with a wicked edge and lots of parties 🙂
    Well you can if you like 😉 Be Good 🙂

    Sorry I haven’t been around lately, I’ve
    been posting things but not visiting blogs
    very much as I have not had a lot of time
    in the run up to Christmas, thank you for
    always calling into my Space, of which
    you are very welcome to do so Princess 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Thanks O’dark one for the warm wishes and congrats… I’ve had other awards and nominations but haven’t written the thank you posts yet… and to be honest I’ve now forgotten who who has awarded and nominated me for what… i feel so bad 😦

      I realise you have been busy and when I don’t see you around I know you will get back to us as soon as you can… I always say your dedication to blogging is amazing… many could learn from you.. 🙂

      Hope you had a fabulously wicked Christmas… and wait … it’s not over yet… there is still New Year to come..


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