Cat inherits millions.

In the money: Millionaire Maria Assunta left her fortune to a stray cat she rescued, similar to the one picturedA few days ago I heard about this cat inheriting 10 million from it’s owner, my reaction was, WTF!!!!

I mean why would anyone leave a cat or any animal that amount of money? How bitterly twisted must you be to give your whole fortune to a cat? How much Whiskas and cat litter does the cat need? Even if it was living on caviar I don’t think it needs 10 million to get by.

Yes, yes I know it’s her money and she can do what she wants with it but still the mind does go into overdrive at times.

I wonder is she trying to annoy her family or get back at them for something they did to her. Does she think humans are not worthy of some money to help them through life. What about helping less fortunate people?

This is now the 3rd richest animal in the world. With poverty at it’s highest and homeless people living on the streets. People needing funding for research for deathly viruses and diseases this 94 year old writes a will and leaves her entire fortune to a cat, YES CAT!

Looks like this old lady Maria Assunta isn’t the only crazy one around. There have been quite a few choosing to do this bizarre act.


Gunter: £90million
Barking owner Karlotta Liebenstien
left her fortune to her German shepherd.

And in July 2000, Madonna sold her eight bedroom Miami villa for £5million to agents acting on behalf of the dog.

A website dedicated to this most pampered of mutts shows him living in true Playboy mansion style: there are pictures of Gunther surrounded by bronzed girls in gold dresses and gorgeous men in glaring white jeans, as well as splashing about in a blue swimming pool while girls in string bikinis look on adoringly.

Chimpanzee Kalu: £40million

Former Australian swimming champion Frank O’Neill.’s wife Patricia O’Neill, the daughter of the Countess of Kenmore, left her £40million fortune to Kalu.

She fell in love with the chimpanzee after since finding her tied to a tree outside the home of the Argentinian Consul-General in war-torn Zaire.

Maltese terrier Trouble: £6million
Leona Helmsley, the woman known as New York’s ‘Queen of Mean’, cut her grandchildren from her will but left her dog millions.

She added:’We had requests from several organisations but in the end we did not find any that we thought were suitable.

‘Then earlier this year Maria told us about her nurse called Stefania who looked after her and who like her had a love of animals and in particular cats. We also could find no living relatives of her at all anywhere.

‘In the end we decided that Stefania was the most suitable person to administer the money that Maria had left in her will.

‘To be honest he doesn’t need all that money he is happy with a saucer of milk and some biscuits.’

Stefania herself said:’I had no idea that she was worth so much money.’

The world’s richest animal is thought to be Gunter, a German shepherd who received more than £90 million after his wealthy and slightly barking heiress owner Karlotta Liebenstien died and left him her fortune.

In 1988 British recluse Ben Rea left his fortune of £9 million to his cat Blackie.

After reading this list I find it amusing and rather sad, these people have so much money. While not giving it away while they are alive and it is their’s  to enjoy and so they should. They earned it or inherited it but it is rightfully theirs to do as they please. Then they also have a chance to make a difference after they die and be remembered for something good, have a legacy to live on.

We can say these people are eccentric to do this or are they just being vindictive to family members?


34 responses to “Cat inherits millions.

  1. No its not twisted or anything just shows how bad the relatives or others were to this person who had no other option but to give it all to the cat…

    and yes to the last line .. how cruel the family might have been

    • I can understand someone disinheriting someone and cutting them out of their will… but my point is why not give it somewhere that will make a difference… what is a cat going to do with 10 mill?

      • Think like a cat and you will find the answer:)

        – She would buy cat scratching post for all cats in her neighborhood .May be she wanna hers to be painted in her favorite color.
        -She would buy a cat bed ,spacious one .May be with silky curtains hanging down because she loves watching curtains dancing with summer breeze in a hot day,it reminds her of the old days when she used chasing her food under the flaming sun.
        – She would bribe the mayer to send all dogs to a place where no one can find them ,maybe venice.
        -She would set up human association protection ……

      • yeah they could od that but these days even charities are full of bias and fraud .. only a meagre percentage of the money goes to the actual people .. the ones who are running the charity take almost 90% of it for their own self ..


  2. Aneesa I think these people have lost faith in humans(near relatives or family members) and also they must have found profound love with these pets and consider that their salivation lies in serving there pets…:)

    • I think they must be deeply angry and cut off if they have to find salvation in pets to do this. You can still serve your pets after you die but not with an entire fortune surely.

      • That’s just it!! They have shunned the human race for their own personal reasons and they find solace in a animal that allows them to have low expectation of themselves on a social level.

  3. I think it shows just how lonely these people were that they found fulfillment with an animal.

    May I NEVER get so lonely!!! 😦

    Love and hugs!


    • i dont like animals.. if its furry and it moves… its not my friend… its just the way I am… so if i got lonely i think i would end up blogging more and doing more things on line… esecially if i dont want human contact 😛


  4. I agree with you Princess, it is sad that these people didn’t have one person that loved them enough that they would feel compelled to leave them some small portion of their fortune. Perhaps they had no living relatives, but even a neighbour, church, library? They had absolutely NO worthwhile human interaction? That to me seems absolutely bizarre and makes me think the person must have been so bitter and angry they drove people away.

    Also, who can live in this world and not realize that there are so many innocent children who would benefit from help with education, a scholarship for student studying to be a veterinarian, whatever, even f they would have built an animal shelter, or a foundation that rescues animals in disaster areas.

    You have to wonder about a person’s mental faculties when they do something like that. It sounds like it is done for vengeance and nothing more, and when the cat dies? The government gets it.

    Even so in Canada when some dies the government gets the majority of it anyway. It is always better to give while you’re alive if you don’t want it to go to taxes.

    Good post, thought provoking! BTW did you ee I named the survivor?

    • Well this is my point exactly… you know I heard this story a few days ago and since then I keep thinking why on earth would you do that? Why ignore all these charities, poor students etc who can better people’s lives and think how grateful those people would be and pray for you and wish you peace in heaven.

      I love the fact you went with SURVIVOR… after losing 8 siblings how can seh not be one… you just made my day… 🙂

  5. I think a physiologist needs to examine the minds of such people. Animals simply can’t answer back, or have a conversation with you – this is why they are loved so much, other than being cute (in some cases). People who do this simply need a reality check.

    10 million can help plenty of people, help so many charities but doing what this women did simply makes no sense. It’s ‘insane’.

    • -Pets are not stupid.Animals are not stupid.Actually they’re VERY intelligent creatures.Not being able to understand them doesn’t mean they’re are dupm or stupid.Look back at those old times when Sulayman ruled the earth.His gift to understand the language of birds empowered him and made of him a victorious conqueror.
      -When Cain killed Abel, Allah sent him a crow to teach him how to bury his brother.
      -Just watching a tiny ant will teach you precious lesson about persistence .
      All creatures are beautiful and smart because they’re created by an intellingent wise God. 🙂

      • Sihem domestic animals can be stupid you know… they are not wild and their suvival instincts have never developed to be smart… but what do cats do all day… they just eat and sleep and purr… thats about it..

  6. I agree with you on how sad it is that the money couldn’t have gone to people who could really use it. It’s also sad that the person who died didn’t see the need in others around them. They may have been rich, but they died very lonely. On the bright side with the world economy in such bad shape, the dog is employeeing a lot of people. They may even have health care and pensions! I read somewhere that handsome men in white jeans, and women in string bikinis have been hit particularly hard during the current economic recession. I’d still rather see the money go to charity.

  7. “First set of comments lost due to network error, re-typed, re-hashed”

    Two points from me:

    1. World has gone Barking mad

    2. I want to come back as an animal, a dog maybe, belonging to a rich good looking female owner living in the Maldives who can take me for beach walks, who can then leave me a “squillion” pounds when she pops off which I can spend all my life licking.

    Take Care Aneesa

  8. I actually read this posting when you added it
    and never commented, I thought that I had so
    you can see what a flap I have been in of late,
    so I agree with you that is a lot of money to be
    left to a cat 🙂 Lucky Cat is what I say, wickedly
    terrible for all of the millionaire;s family but that
    is what happens in disgruntled family wills 🙂 lol

    The Cat Got The Lot… How Cool 🙂 😉

    Androgoth XXx

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