Dil Bar Dil Bar

One of my fav songs and videos… sensationally done with the gorgeous Sushmita Sen (born November 19, 1975) Is a well-known Bollywood actress and was India‘s first Miss Universe in 1994. She made her movie debut in 1996.

This song is take from the film Sirf Tum, released in 1999.

12 responses to “Dil Bar Dil Bar

  1. Very very good choice, she is stunning, seen most of her films and she never fails. I always thought Hollywood would have been a better stage for her, she has the grace.

    I better stop before I get too excited.

    Shame I can’t say the same about her male counterpart, he never really took Bollywood by storm like his brother.

    Brought back some nice memories, Thanks.

    • Aw I wanted to hear more of what you had to say… 😛

      She really has a class of her own.. not long ago i watched Karan Johar interview Zeenat Aman. She was asked if her life story was to be made into a movie who would she want to play. She replied that it would have to be Sush. When you think about it they both carry themselves the same way with the same class and grace. But…. Sush is wayysss better!!

      her male counter part… lol cant even remember his name 😛 yukkkhhhhhh!!!!

  2. Just the thought of either of them slipping from the tower and falling – well I was getting sympathy pains!!! LoL!!!

    Yeah, I know, Big Softy!!! LoL!!!

    Still: Very good movie and the lady is altogether an amazing piece of art – her eyes are fantastic!!!

    Love and hugs!


    • Reeeaaaalllyyyyyyyyyyyyy???? How can you not have heard this song before Bikram ji??? I’m shocked! I’m stunned! Incredible!!!!!

      Glad you enjoyed it tho 😛

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