arjun rampal jaan leva

I love this song and video… talk about girl power LOL

And here it is with the English subtitles… 😛

13 responses to “arjun rampal jaan leva

  1. i havent seen the movie but if you remember the lead actress monisha koirala was prone to gain weight and lose it all the time.. in some movies she is really slim and in some a little… shall we say… chubby! Well in an interview I remember Arjun saying that as pretty as she is she should really do something about her body… i thought cheeky git!!

  2. Yes the lady in red is definitely erm…
    the nicest I think, although the whole
    video was rather wicked 🙂

    Have a delightful rest of evening 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  3. The song rings a bell now that I heard it, but I can’t recall seeing the movie.

    Re: Monisha Koirala, I saw her first movie, Anmol, she was a cracker. She was fantastic in 1947, pure, undisturbed and mesmorising, but sadly behind the scenes she as a bit of a bad girl.

    Her weight fluctuated up and down, but she was in an era where ultra skinny was not the thing, take the make actors for example, there wasn’t a “one-pac” in sight, let alone the Arnie look.

    • I totally agree… but you mentioned behind the scenes … she has done some roles that many actresses in that time wouldnt have taken on… so she was a bad girl all round lol 😛

      The arnie look… i blame that dumb bell brain cell Salman Khan… I hope Aterlycan doesn’t read this … he is a huge fan … 😛

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