X Factor: Sophie ousted in Kelly’s absence and Misha B stays.



X Factor Sophie voted off

Kelly Rowland might just be regretting jetting off to LA last week because in her absence, both Misha B and Sophie Habibis ended up singing for survival.

Despite the bullying storm swirling around Misha and the subsequent in-fighting between judges Kelly and Tulisa, Sunday’s X Factor sing-off was only going to end one way… with Sophie going home.

The 19-year-old did her best, singing The XX‘s Shelter in a bid to persuade the judges she deserved to stay. The problem is, slow ballads are all she’s done and sadly, it was more of the same in the sing-off, I really wish she had done something different! 😦

Misha B, on the other hand, has been all about big productions, big costumes and big hair so her stripped back version of the Kings of Leon‘s Use Somebody showed her versatility and a few tears towards the end showed her softer side ( amazing the well known bully has one! She scares me a bit )

As the judges deliberated, the girls’ mentor Kelly Rowland phoned in (using her very best sick voice… if you want to pretend you are sick… flippin try harder! She just kept going in and out of character! A few coughs in there might have sounded more authentic! ) and the decision to send Sophie home was unanimous. ( Bitch! )

Tho I really enjoy watching the Xfactor and I never vote… I just feel that this year something is missing… the buzz just isn’t there… and Kelly you had a responsibility and just like Simon you leave your acts and jet off leaving them vulnerable and alone. I really felt sorry for both girls this weekend and I wanted Sofie to stay… ( yeah I should have voted!  I know )

Misha B just doesn’t do it for me… I think you figured that one out 😛


8 responses to “X Factor: Sophie ousted in Kelly’s absence and Misha B stays.

  1. I agree, not that spark there this year, something is definately missing, maybe the fact they they don’t Synthensize their voices anymore and that is them actually singing?

    My highlight was Cher Lloyd on screen yesterday…. 🙂

    I just couldn’t find her “wind up” handle sticking out from anywhere 😛

    • Cher Lloyd was good surprisingly… i hated her swagger jagger.. dont know she got to number one… my niece posted that song… only thing that coming up in my search engine list after that was the word “crap”

      “how crap is swagger jagger”
      “the crap song swagger jagger”
      “swagger jagger crap”

      I’m being serious lol

      I think Alexandria was a good judge though,… bring her back again pls

  2. Hey Aneesa,
    I think it’s a tired show with a tired format and should be replaced with something else…even Fame Academy was better..

    Bye for now. 😉

  3. I never watch that X-Factor Aneesa
    Hey I hope that your Treats were a
    lot nicer than the tricks this evening 🙂

    Happy Halloweeny Aneesa 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • For some reason this year we all lost interest in Hallowe’en… nobody wanted to get dressed up and go out… plus it was raining really heavily here.. that was another problem…

      So we just turned the lights off and watched a movie and ignored the door bell… 😛

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