Ghajini- Guzarish (HD sound & video) with english sub

One of my favourite songs for the blockbuster Bollywood movie Ghajini with the amazing Amir Khan and the gorgeous and sexy actress Surya Sivakumar in the lead roles.

While is a bit violent and grizzly at times the film is an actionthriller, with strong romantic elements, that explores the life of a rich businessman who develops anterograde amnesia following a violent encounter in which his love interest, model Kalpana, was killed. He tries to avenge the killing with the aid of Polaroid Instant camera photographs and permanent tattoos on his body.

This song is just simply stunningly done and don’t the both look just fab.

Oh and its dedicated to my dear buddy Prenin… enjoy!


16 responses to “Ghajini- Guzarish (HD sound & video) with english sub

  1. Hi Aneesa! 🙂

    Thanks for the video and dedication! 🙂

    Amir Khan has a body I think most guys would want!!! LoL!!!

    Oh well: Back to the diet for me! (sigh!)

    It’s a lovely track and very well edited – and Surya is a very pretty young lady!

    I had to go onto my You Tube page and search it from there because the connection was VERY slow, but it was well worth it!

    Love and huge hugs! 🙂


    • Guzaarish had ash and akshay i think… never got very good reviews… but gajhini is a film in a class of its own… i mean Amir khan make a film and it not be good? Thats impossible! He is an actor that goes for quality not quantity and is just amazing 😛

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