Gaddafi Dead

Colonel Gaddafi has been killed in his home town city of Sirte.

Gaddafi is said to have died of gunshot wounds that he sustained during his capture.

A video was released of a dead body covered in blood – and an NTC official said he could confirm the man in the footage was gaddafi.

Certain reports said that he had been shot in the legs, the side of his torso and his head.

The former dictator had supposedly been found unconscious in a culvert under a house in Sirte and died on the way to hospital.

Graffiti was painted over the water channel saying “this is the place where the rat Gaddafi was hiding. Contemptible Gaddafi”

Gaddafi’s bloody body was loaded on top of a vehicle and taken to Misrata, a city that was besieged for months by his forces.

A large crowd surrounding the vehicle chanted ” The blood of the martyrs will not go in vain. ”



23 responses to “Gaddafi Dead

  1. Libya was (or seemed) one of the few rebellions by the people, with nothing resembling an army coup, palace revolt, or underground plotting. In the eastern part of Libya, notably Benghazi, people just had enough. Quickly the Western world took stock of what was happening, and at first lent cautious morale and verbal support, wishing the rebels good luck, but with some skepticism. The U.S. Administration of president Obama refused to take the lead, but offered support if other countries bit the bullet, so to speak, and led the way. Our political leaders insisted we were shooting up Libya to protect civilians, not in an effort to replace Gaddafi’s oppressive regime. Nonsense, but that’s international diplomacy.

    • I’m just watching his last moments on tv and it makes me shiver.

      Politics… I will never understand how you can justify killing your own country men.

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  3. I’m not one for wishing anyone dead, but this time I do not regret the passing of another human being.

    If he’d been put on trial it would have caused enormous problems and Libya simply does not have the infrastructure to hold such a trial and may not have for some years.

    Gaddafi Duck has quacked his last – now it is time for Libya to heal…

    God Bless!


    • I know a trial would have turned into a circus… Look what happened with saddam and a few others ( its 6 am… I’ve not slept so can’t remember their names now. )

      What I hate and can’t stand is the disrespect shown towards a dead body and the partying after.

      I find it hard to let go of the fact that someone has an orphan and a widow.

      No matter how much he might have deserved to die, once he’s dead that’s it, show the dead body some respect. Their is a higher authority he has to now face. He is now his judge and jury not anyone else.

  4. We live in a world where everything needs to be visualised, people love brutality and images of dark nature.

    Gaddafi got what he deserved.

    I don’t have the stomach for these kinds of images anymore, just too soft.

    Keep counting the sheep jumping over the fence.

  5. hmmm this is more for your comments than the post it self, the previous thing I read was you talking about normal, and times I do really wonder how different I am, because none of this surprises me, like there is no level humans can drop to that surprises me, like in Norway people were surprised with the killings that happened, I was not. As far gadaffi I really don’t care one way or another as millions of people die every day. As far as respect for the dead, now we see humans as a race onto it self and see percent wise, do we really respect anything anymore on a general basis?

    • I’m not surprised either just sickened by it all.

      Do you think this is now becoming normal? This brutality and anamalism? These cold blooded killings?

      Yes we do respect… Course we do… Don’t you? How can you even ask that!

      • Becoming normal? I don’t think I know for a fact that brutality and namalism had been part of humanity since the dawn of time, just look at history, look at whats going on around in the world, thology and histrory. its not exactly a new thing.

        I am not talking about the individuals, individuals do respect, but humanity as a race, if look around whats really going on, no we don’t respect. I mean if I am not mistaking it was not so very long ago there were riots in UK. You are of asian desent, have never for example felt raceism? 50% of marriages in the westerns world end in divorse, even more relationships end with cheating. Most of the Eastern world still have not cought on in equal rights between men and women. There is violance and crime in every known country in the world,

        So we are not exactly what I would call an evolved race. BUT as individuals there are some great people around who really make a difference, I just think that they are a minorty in the big picture and that we have a lot of evolving to do as a race

        • Dead right Bobby and very well said! 🙂

          Bigotry takes many forms – I have been accused, bullied and assaulted for being different and racism is just another form.

          One reason why I REFUSE to be racist!!!

          God Bless!


        • When I said normal I meant normal as in showing these images in the media and people just accepting it as normal behaviour now across the world.

          Before sky news and other channels never showed dead bodies etc but recently I’ve not noticed its ok to do so. Perfect example was the recent executions of a group of young men in Afghanistan, the beating and killing of the teenage boys in Pakistan and now the death of gaddafi.

          We know this has been going on for centuries but how often did we witness it like now?

          No, I’ve been very lucky I’ve never experienced racism in my own home country and I don’t believe my country is racist either. Theyre will always be small minded people around but it’s a minority. The riots that took place is not a regular occurrence in this country, that was the first in my life time. The last ones were 30 years ago.

          Weather there is respect or not on the level you are talking about there is law and order that has to be respected and most people do. It’s an institution that works for those who do lack respect.

          We are continuously evolving and learning and I don’t think we will ever completely get there because changes are constant too.

          • Yes it has become more normal, why? because it sells, sensationalism puts greens in the pocket. Media needs to make an stronger and stronger impact as we become more desensitized.

            You are right they did not use to broadcast strong images before but in in the root of it media is doing what its really made for and that is broadcast uncensored.

            If I am not mistaking you live in UK ?? cause if you live in UK and you have not witnessed racism I find fairly surprising as I know till this day that there are clubs in London which on certain occasion wont admit blacks on the fact that they are…. black,

            As far as riots, yea its probably spaced between but for that matter hooligan violence is not all that rare.

            Actually the vast majority does not respect law and order, crime rates is a proof of that, the system as it is in most cases does not work and on some level most of break one law or another. The biggest problem with the system is that in many cases it protects people who should not be protected and dose nothing for those who should. Just look at the states and number of asinine cases that reach a court and in some cases are won. Even here in Norway there are laws that out right idiotic.

            That you are right about we are always evolving and learning, because there is one true fact and that is change. However as we are now living in 2011 there are certain things most people should have been passed already, Like judging people based on color and belief

  6. I can’t say I have experienced any racism. Where I live ( yes, the uk ) and the are where I live race and colour are not an issue. In school uni etc we were never treated differently than others. Many countries have come along way. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist but I’ve not experienced it.

    Och crime is everywhere but the way you are talking is like everyone is breaking the law and has no respect for it.

    You should visit the uk and see for yourself. Don’t believe everything you hear.

  7. Hi Aneesa,
    Hope you had a good weekend.

    The photos are pretty graphic but I think most would say it was the colonel.
    Another dictator has been dethroned and I think there are more situations like this to come, either they step down or their people will dispose of them.

    • Weekend was wet and windy, nothing unusual there.

      What a grissly end for him,,, shivers run down my spine everytime the images come up on t.v…

      Hope your weekend was good too.

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