I know who I am.

These past few weeks have been a muddle of thoughts and emotions. I feel like I’ve come out a dark tunnel that was so low I had to stoop to walk through, stoop so low my back was bent over double.

Now I’m out the glare of the light is hitting my eyes and my whole is body is grateful to be able to stretch again but yet I still feel stiff.

Stiff as in slow to move on and appreciate what I have learnt on my travel through this dark dingy tunnel that blinded me into darkness and dulled my senses.

The glare hitting my eyes is slowing starting to see things clearly as I adjust to my surroundings of a new depth and understanding of myself.

One thing I do know is who I am, who I was and who I will always be.

I know now that I can’t be someone I’m not. I can’t change my thinking and pretend I am someone or something else. I can’t change values that have been instilled in me from as far back as I can remember. Values that I hold dear and live my life accordingly. Principles that will never waver.

I can’t be wrong when I have to always be right.

I have to be true to myself, if that’s not possible then how can I be true to anyone else? Who will appreciate me when I can’t appreciate myself?

I think before anyone sets out to demand another person fits their ideal mould they should first ask themselves do they want a manufactured “perfect” friend/partner or do they want someone that’s real and genuine who is being themselves and not forcing it to just please you.

I also think one should look at themselves first and see just how honest they are being to their own selves.

Because if a person is confident and happy in their own skin they will never feel they need to change anyone else.


7 responses to “I know who I am.

  1. Very true Aneesa! 🙂

    I am happy to be me despite all I have been through and I have learned that if people need to change you then maybe you shouldn’t be a part of their lives because you both end up unhappy.

    Hope things get better with you my friend and that you remain just the way you are.

    Love and hugs!


  2. Hi Aneesa,

    I am glad to hear that you have broken free of whatever it was that was holding you back. We often walk through the dark tunnels of life, however the key thing is to ensure we don’t walk through it twice, otherwise something is wrong.

    I totally agree on your point, if you are happy and contempt with yourself and who you are, why the hell would you want to change that…….!

    Welcome back to the light Kurie!

  3. as hard as it can be to come out from the dark shadows that we tend to protect ourselves within when we are hurting, it is harder to face the harsh reality of the light, as your eyes re adjust to the world, its these dark tunnels in life, that somehow help us to find our way in the dark, but lead us to the light that we so desperately need to be able to live life.
    You have your own mold, what other’s expect you to fit into simply put is irrelevant, as you are one of a kind…….welcome back to the world girl xx hugs and strength….xx

  4. Like I have said before, wise beyond your years. That means you have had to experience things you shouldn’t have; not yet anyway but you’ve made it through. You’ve proven what you are made of and you need to change for no one! You are a beautiful woman inside and out and never forget that.

    Hugs to you Aneesa

  5. well thats most of the battle won .. if one knows who they are and what they want to be and will always be ..

    and now that you know what you want you can slowly reach that toooo

    All the best 🙂

  6. A strong message here…you spoke some powerful words…I don’t want to repeat what has already been said so I will just say…I’m so glad you can see the light! Hugz

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