The Power Of Punctuation.

I saw this and thought how amazing it is that with punctuation we can totally change the meaning of  a sentence without changing the words.  Also what’s funny is how males and female see it… 😛

But galz we all the know the truth! don’t we 😛

24 responses to “The Power Of Punctuation.

  1. Hi Aneesa,
    Thanks for coming by and for your lovely comment.
    I’ve been looking around your site and you have some very cool stuff, like this post. It’s really amazing what a big difference a little puncuation mark can make!

    • Thanks for dropping by… I had a good time on your blog earlier and will defo drop by again..

      We can really play on punctuation and totally change the meaning of something… normally i end up offending people when i leave punctuation out lol 😛

      hope to see you gain soon 😛

  2. Yes there is nothing quite like a play
    on words Aneesa, and I rather like the
    last one, indeed as it holds a lot of truth
    in it, we will class that one as the most
    wicked of them all okay? 🙂 😉 lol

    Androgoth XXx

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