Crap mood!

It’s Monday morning and it’s not going very well.

In fact I feel I’m still trapped in my mood from the weekend. Oh that didn’t go very well either. It was utterly crap! yeah crap! I can’t even be bothered looking for a more suitable word for it, just to sound a little polite and lady like. oh hell who cares anyway.

Now why was it so crap?

I’ve no idea… might even have been the weather.. up till Friday evening  there was a heat wave and then at 6pm the heavens burst open… and it poured like it had never poured before. Of course living in Glasgow we should be used to this kind of weather but you know just once I wanted a nice bloody weekend. I did want to go out and enjoy the sunshine, was even thinking of having a BBQ or going on a picnic…

But worse is the fact that the laundry never got done. There was nowhere to dry it and using the dryer continuously is not good either.. they are all complaining their clothes are shrinking… I’m like… they are not shrinking!… you lot are getting fat!… ok that was a bit nasty but then again I’m in a nasty mood. I did manage to get my nieces and nephews’ uniforms washed and dried so I’m not all that bad… 🙂

I’ve still not got many answers for my really grumpy mood at the weekend… there were a few things… one of them is yesterdays posting on here…

Today isn’t going well because first of all the morning post pissed me right off… why do companies wait till Friday night to post out bad news in letters? Is it so on Monday morning we can just sink lower into our mundane moods and feel worse? Why do they always wait till Friday to send me bad news that they know is gonna arrive on my doorstep on a Monday morning? I demand to know!

Second of all a file I lost week on my pc still hasn’t turned up… I was hoping my wizard would have left it in lost and found but fat chance… it’s a file full of spread sheets that I desperately need… and I have no back up … now need to do them all again.. makes me a not very  happy person…

How the hell does a file just disappear of your computer? How is that possible? It’s never happened to me before so why now? and why this file?

Anyways that’s my rant for the morning… now going to see if I can get a start on those spreadsheets…

25 responses to “Crap mood!

  1. just another Manic Monday 🙂

    yeah i am sad about the weather.. but it getting better today nice and sunny here now .. 🙂

    take care and smile …….

  2. I feel for you Aneesa and sympathise with all you said. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Sometimes crap happens and sometimes we feel crap for no reason. Sometimes both happen at the same time… But take some comfort in that your postings bring a lot of joy to all of us who follow you and we love to hear your thoughts – good and bad – because its all part of us being human. I love to get your posts so think positive thoughts about how much happiness you bring with your blog. It may not sort out your problems or the weather – but maybe it will give you a lift to get through them? 🙂 x

    • Aw that’s so sweet… you have really lifted my spirits and made me feel so much better… im smiling… :)….

      it’s always good to get good positive feedback from what you do … as time is moving on i think my blog is getting more personal and I do enjoy writing here… at first as i was unsure but now i think ive found my comfort zone..

      thanks ever so much.. you just made my day 😛

  3. Something good will come out of it ‘unexpectedly’ and it will make it worth it in the end.

    In relation to your IT problem – two words ‘Back up’. For working on important documents etc backup of the whole HD is vital as IT failure can happen any time and to anyone.

    • the weekend was unexpected… didn’t expect to hit such a low… problem mostly being that when u expect someone to be there for you and they’re not it just magnifies the situation ten times more…

      Something good and unexpectedly… lets hope so i think i need it..

      Thanks for the tips on back ups etc.. getting it sorted as we speak… 🙂

  4. You should take advantage of Google Cloud Connect. Won’t let you lose anything out of your documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

  5. I guess there is no answer for that “crap feeling”, but just a thought that maybe tomorrow it will have gone, or at least the day after. The crap feeling makes everything else crap, like the little things, which then tend to go wrong. Like making tea when you feel crap, which spills or get’s cold because you get called elsewhere, or when you try putting the tv on and the remote dies on you and you can’t find new batteries..all those things. But don’t “fret”, don’t fight it, accept and welcome the crap feeling because sooner or later that crap feeling will realise that it’s failed to do it’s job, you are smiling…….

    • Responding to myself, here’s a link that I think might put a small smile on your face madam 🙂

      I used to listen to this song a lot when I was growing up, as a child I had an inkling I would face some major hurdles, life didn’t disappoint, I did and moved on! Hope you enjoy it.

      Sung by Zoheb Hassan, class act like his sister Nazia Hassan


      • You are right in that crap feeling syndrome… normally when things go wrong you don’t think about them twice.. but when you are in that mode everything just seems magnified and more intense… espcially the tea thing… as yesterday morning i spilt some and started getting upset over it…

        This song has triggered a memory from long ago… me sitting colouring in and my mom cooking and this film on in the background… an amazing feeling swept over me and reminded me of her and then i realised how much she would hurt to see me like this… so I am as of now gonna pull myself together and put these past few days behind and move on…

        Thanks you are a true buddy 🙂

  6. How about a System Restore Aneesa and that will sort it out… You simply restore your pc to a time before you lost them and hey presto they are back, now how cool is that 🙂 Have a very nice rest of evening now and be good 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • We tried that but nothing came about… God knows what happened… but anyways i managed to redo them and learnt a valuable lesson in the process… back ups! Thanks for the advice tho…


  7. Lol, if the file was deleted simply please download a well reputed data recovery software, they are generally very easy to operate and recover the file. Word files, pictures etc are easily recovered whereas media files such as videos etc give a lot of trouble and usually miss chunks of bits. And trust me it works better than wizard of Oz or the Great Wicked Witch of the West -.-

    • hahaa… thanks for the advice… my bro has promised to sort out some software for future disasters like this one and to prevent them…

      I really trusted that Wizard of Oz … fraaddeee… 😛

  8. aw thanks… thats so sweet of u to say… i am feeling much better..

    but computer hard drive packed uptoday so things not looking too good. but trying to stay positive 🙂

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