Masood divorces Zainab – Eastenders

I have to say I was left reeling by last nights Episode of Eastenders. It left me emotional, stunned and absolutely shocked.

Masood divorced Zainab.

Zainab tells Yusef that Masood has divorced herMasood, played by Nitin Ganatra, makes the heart-wrenching decision after hearing that Zainab has taken an overdose of pills. Both are unaware that scheming doctor Yusef Khan (Ace Bhatti) secretly crushed the tablets into her food.

The scenes in question see Masood pay a visit to the family home and leave Zainab stunned by saying the word “talaq” – meaning “I divorce you” – three times in accordance with Islamic culture. Masood does so as he believes that Zainab needs a fresh start without him.

It was done with such depth and meaning that it almost felt so real, my eyes watered and my heart stopped beating on the realization of what he was about to do.

It’s the first time I’ve watched an islamic divorce take place on British T.V and boy did they do it well.

Nina Wadhia is an amazing actress. I’ve always said to family and friends that the chemistry between her and her on screen son  Syed is just amazing.  Today I say that her chemistry with her on screen husband is just as good.

Masood divorces ZainabThe body language was amazing, they way they were intimate for a moment touching each other and just feeling the moment then Masood drops the bombshell, then the tears from Zainab as she realises what he is about to do. The way she recoils from him as he breaks her heart and leaves her vulnerable and broken. No longer his wife and he no longer her husband.. but now a stranger he her gher mehram. Just fabulous.

I’m convinced he acted in haste and know he is going to regret this. At some point the truth will come out and let’s see what happens then… as there is a long road to travel if they want to get back together again. It’s not as easy at it seems… they have their religion to deal with too… their biggest obstacle.

12 responses to “Masood divorces Zainab – Eastenders

  1. nah… he was meant to go back and take control of his wife and the family affairs… she was ready to take him back…

    thats the part i dont get.. why the divorce… the kids wanted him to sort things out.. i dont think they wanted him to do this..

  2. I always put the paper up when Eastenders came on, that hasn’t changed much all these years down the line.

    Thankfully, I had Dawsons Creek to keep me busy on those Sunday mornings…

    P.S. I always tell Nitin his acting is good when I occasionally see him 🙂

    Take Care

  3. there’s always a reckoning Aneesa, and the Dr will get his comeuppance.., I only catch Eastenders once in a while, but managed to see this emotional scene, I can understand your response, just shows you how great the acting and the scripts are.. xPenx

    • the acting was fab.. and uff the body language .. still cant get over it.. its very rare a scene can touch me the way this one did… enough to make me blog about it…

      that doc is pure evil.. he has torn her family apart… he will get his due

      huggzzz xxxx

  4. Couldnt agree more ,acting was Fab but another spoiler of what could have been such a good storyline..

    Talak was in haste , basically idea stolen from 1980’s BR Chopras movie Nikkah.

    Masood will realise he made a mistake and will want to re-marry Zainab and this is when the issues will be highlighted .
    But Eastenders being just them always over do things ….

    Watch the space ……

    • The movie Nikkah – yeah it’s something similiar .. it will be good if eastenders does visit this issue… it will be great to see what happens…

      They still love each other which is clear… in time the docs scheming is gonna come out too..

      Eastenders do over do things.. but then it wouldn’t be called a soap otherwise… true soap style 😛

  5. There is a big following for your Eastenders on here
    Aneesa, and I bet you like Corrie and all the others too…
    I think the last episode I watched a bit of was when that
    Gangster was in it, he had a daughter called Ruby… lol
    Well that is all I know about Eastenders 🙂 lol

    Have a great rest of weekend now and be good 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

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