Kehte Hain Log Muhe Ramjaane – Shah Rukh Khan & Juhi Chawla

A time, a place, a distant memory… there is always something  in a song reminds you of someone … somewhere…

Dedicated to all my friends…

Remember… When you see a troubled soul… know that sometimes it’s so lost .. nothing brings it back…



11 responses to “Kehte Hain Log Muhe Ramjaane – Shah Rukh Khan & Juhi Chawla

  1. Good song, I remember this lady back in the days. Although I believe she had a break from making movies she has returned in the last few years. She still has the same beautiful face.

    It’s been a pleasure listening to this. You do have good taste.

  2. Also a nice movie and nice song, I kinda miss the older bollywood movies (boy I sound old now) but I do, they seemed to be better (well some of them) than bolly took a turn for the worse and I have not seen a bolly movie in about 2 years

  3. Hi Aneesa! 🙂

    Yes, I think so as long as they come with translations! LoL!!!

    Thanks as always for the clips – and have a great weekend!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


  4. Good choice Aneesa,

    This was SRK at the height of his powers, these two made some hit movies, I still remember Darr, that was a powerful movie and even though in that film SRK never got the girl, you could see the chemistry.

    Juhi is in a class of her own…


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