Jab We Met (2007) – Nagada Nagada (English Subtitles)

This is for all my blogger friends… Especially potatosandwich… as promised…

I love the punjabi beat in this… and Shahid Kapoor is just awesome…


19 responses to “Jab We Met (2007) – Nagada Nagada (English Subtitles)

    • I hope it was worth the wait… it was one of the best films i seen… some great scenes between shahid and kareena.. oh and the chemistry was sizzling… they really do bounce of each other on the screen …

      • Yes, I did happen to see this movie. Not sure if it was on Cinema or DVD. But recall the craziness of this movie.

        You are right, the two characters just GELLED together, since they were practically opposite to each other in terms of their characteristics.

        Aneesa – I guess you move the same as those moves in the movie?

        • This movie proves that opposites do attract and when they do something is awakened in them and sparks fly.. he is so straight laced and practical and she is impulsive and so silly in love… (with someone else… i might add) They part company and about 10 months later they meet again… eventually she becomes more like him and he more like her.. he tells her.. you taught me all this.. but look at you…

          If you get a chance do watch the film again… it will make better sense to you…

          this movie hits home a few truths…

          as for the moves.. how did you know? i love dancing! I have a friends wedding in April and moi has been told that i’m doing the choreography… I’m nervous and exited … cant wait to unleash my madness on them … 😛

          • It’s been a while since I last seen this movie. I guess its time to hire it out on DVD again. I do remember how both characters could not be further apart in relation to their personalities. Nonetheless, when they met, its did spark some chemistry within. This is often what happens – you tend to get along with someone totally on a different dimension to yours and its amazing how quickly relationships can build to something bigger and better (December)

            I guess you need to let me know where and when this wedding is taking place – I might have gate crash the wedding just to see you in action – I will have to get your autography in the end. Deal?

  1. This film did kinda prove that opposites attract and when they do… look what happens… sparks fly… 🙂 you ever get a chance do watch it again… ive soon it so many times and never tire of it..

    Moves? lol I love dancing it’s one of my passions… one of my friends is getting married in April we are going to start getting her mehndi dances sorted… ive been roped into choreographing it… i’m nervous but excited… lets hope i do them justice… 🙂

  2. I have watched this movie, and to be fair I might like to watch it this weekend again.
    I think the mix of characters in this movie is outstanding and the characters could not be further apart. That said I agree that opposites do attract and its a mystery too.
    Let me know where and when it is, I have to gate crash the wedding and see u in action, I do now want a personal autograph

  3. This movie sucks. you know what, once a female friend of me suggested this movie very keenly to me and assured me that i’ll love it– but it really wasn’t a good watch– it was the wastage of time, duh! to her taste .

  4. hmmmmm…..

    perhaps your dear female friend thought it would help loosen up your kharoos attitude or perhaps she hoped you might join the human race in having a laugh on the odd occasion…

    The film was fab and there’s doubt about it… do u care to tell us why it was not of your gusto?

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