laila majnu – koi pathar seh na marray mere dwanay ko

One of my fav songs… reminds me of a time and a place and someone…

as they say old is gold…


18 responses to “laila majnu – koi pathar seh na marray mere dwanay ko

      • LoL!!! Only if you don’t mind flat toes – I’m a TERRIBLE dancer!!! πŸ™‚

        Nearest I ever got to dancing was with Mickey’s daughter Jenny when she was small and used to stand on my feet!!! LoL!!!

        Sigh! Fonde memories – she’s now a mum in her own right…

        Love and squishy hugs!


  1. Great film, great cast and some strong tunes, still have a copy of the soundtrack on record.

    Shame the subtitles can’t quite catch up with the lyrics, but who needs subs anyone, such a distraction.


    • πŸ˜› you still have the record? bet its worth a bob or two lol and do you still have a stereo to play them?… i think in our attic there are some old records but nothing to play them on…

      this is my favourite ever film… i cant remember how old i was when i watched but because it’s so old i never payed much attention untill the songs started coming..and the story line was fab.. it gave birth to many bollywood love stories after that and many mujnus.. who aspired to be kes lol

      i posted with subtitles because not all my blogger buddies will understand the song.. its just to give them an idea what is being said..

      This song i have a very close connection to as it’s part of my life story… but hell today i posted it because kissay neh purani yadday taza kardi…

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