Teri Meri – Bodyguard – With Lyrics & English Translation (Full Song 2011)

24 responses to “Teri Meri – Bodyguard – With Lyrics & English Translation (Full Song 2011)

  1. ive not seen the movie… but yeah i agree with you .. im a shah rukh fan… love this song tho….

    found it with english subtitles so eveyone can understand…

  2. Lol, who died and made Himesh a music director specially of a Rahat’s song? -.- kher not to be critical but the lyrics could had been a lil better

  3. Lovely song Aneesa! 🙂

    Some years back they did a Bollywood season of movies late at night and I found the dancing and music fascinating, though it was hard to keep up with the subtitles!!!

    Love and hugs!


    • i remember them… it was great watching them in my bed.. only problem was some of them didn’t finish till 4am… bollywood is not a bollywood movie untill it doesnt have singing and dancing …

      hugggzzzz 😛

  4. Nice song and better translation as if you translate word for word it would not come out too right.

    Shame about the cast of the movie however the songs back the movie (including an exotic location, less clothes and the odd kissing scene).


    • sometimes that’s all a bollywood movie needs to make it big… no story line required, just lots of everything else…

      my friend says they use chotay kapray because the costume design dpt is on a tight budget


      • I must admit I have been very disappointed with the standard of movies this year. Ok I am no BW buff, but I used to rattle through them like a Fish & Chips on a Friday 🙂

        My movie of the year – Guzaarish. Absolute class, every element about it.

        With the large audiences BW movies now attract, what better opportunity but to tackle some home truths.

        Life’s a sucker with those tight budgets hey :-).

        • i rarely watch them but i do get what you mean.. there is all this hype about a movie coming out .. you see the songs and think wow.. and then everything just goes flat…

          ok i take it there are two guzarish’s … yours is with 2 As … im only familiar with the amir khan one.. and i just seen on your blog you got the one with hithrik and ash… ive not seen your one.. but the songs are good…

          the amir khan one was amazing… bit violent for me… but all in all a good film and great storyline… plus that song… uffffffffffffff

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