The Mouse Is Dead

Finally I got it!! Yipeeee!!!!

and for the those of you who don’t know what im tallking about read my earlier post

A mouse in my house


25 responses to “The Mouse Is Dead

  1. We set a mouse trap.. the little monster kept taking the top of the cake ( we discoverd it liked cake… remember … but not chocolate ones :p) for 3 days it kept doing this … we decided let it nibble away eventually it will get down to the bottom of the piece of cake and set the trap off…

    what we did learn about it is that it must be tiny for it to nibble bits of the cake and not set the trap off..

    we waited and waited and finally this morning we saw our plan of attack worked and it was very small.. i never looked at at.. got other members of the family to check it out… and get rid..

    It’s last wish was for some strawberry cake 😛 we obliged.


  2. Great going.. Well what its worth.. I have mice I have put poison, traps everywhere but this one makes sure it avoids all the traps… It will eat the cheece but not the poison.. Very clever
    And middle of night I can hear it running on the floor boards..

    Well done you can you come over to sort this one out please.

    • Ours had a thing for cake and biscuits.. it actually scoffed a whole pack of cheezy wotsits that had fallen under one of the shelves.. when i pulled it out i saw the hole and inside it had been totally licked clean.. not even a crumb of these messy wotsits were to be seen…

      All i can suggest is that you insert the poison into the cheese and try it that way…

      or do what my bro did once… trap it in a room and whack it to death with a brush… he broke some tiles in the process but hell.. he managed to squash the little monster good and proper… that was after throwing a curtain over it so it couldn’t escape… he spent 3 hours trying to get it.. finally the curtain thing worked with the help of the brush…

      let me know how you get on 😛

  3. Poor Mickey… Splattered in his Prime 🙂 lol
    I hope that you are enjoying a wonderful time
    this weekend my wickedly fine friend? 🙂

    Androgoth Xx

    • O’dark one.. I think following this ghoulish act of murder I have been initiated into your Gothic realm with out doubt now. 😛
      Sorry I forgot to offer up the fresh blood as our dead friend was disposed of very quickly… perhaps next time.. 😛

  4. Well done my friend – my mum is terrified of mice and once jumped into the kitchen sink pots and all!!!! LoL!!!

    I became senior mouse hunter and terminated four rodents, learning that it is the second mouse that gets the cheese!!! LoL!!!

    Love and hugs! 🙂


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