Maar Jane K Khouf Se

Jo kanp Ut’ta tha Mjhe Guwane K Khouf Se

Wo Chor Gaya Mujhe Zamane K Khouf Se

Duniya Mai Kuch Khas Khush Nahi Hun Mai

G Rahe Hain Bus Maar Jane K Khouf Se

Humari Misal Bhi Un Phoolo C Hai Mohsin 

Jo KHile He Nahi Murjane K Khouf Se

by Mohsin Naqvi

14 responses to “Maar Jane K Khouf Se

  1. Hi hun! 🙂

    Yes, it’s quietened down for now, but the Police are still on duty just in case…

    It has been a week of madness and I too find it surreal…

    They should make covering the face a crime – only the idiots had their faces uncovered…

    I agree about bannin hoodies though – the kids round here dress in black when out at night so they can cause trouble and not be identified…

    God Bless my friend!


  2. but marne ke khauf se kya jeena .. jiyo to asie jiyo jaise kal na ho…

    lovely poem a few months or lets say maybe last year this would have probably been me .. but not anymore ..


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