Give a little and take with pride and not guilt.

A young girl went into the cafe and sat down, today she was really in the mood for an ice cream.

The waitress came over to take her order and proceeded to ask her what she wanted. 

The young girl asked “How much is the strawberry ice-cream?”

“£1.50” the waitress replied. The young girl took out her money and began to count it. The waitress was clearly getting a bit impatient with the young girl. As there were others to be served too. 

“How much is a dish of plain ice-cream?” 

“£1.10!” replied the waitress in a very exasperated and annoyed manner. “Don’t you have enough girl? coz if you don’t then you shouldn’t be in here wasting our time! Can’t you see we’re busy!”

“I’ll just have the plain ice-cream then.” The waitress walked of muttering under her breath about kids and how annoying and slow they were. She brought the ice-cream with the bill and left to serve the other tables. 

When she returned to the table to clear it away she found the bill with the  payment and swallowed hard. There lying neatly with the bill was the payment of £1.10 and an extra 40 pence under the empty ice-cream plate as her tip. 


19 responses to “Give a little and take with pride and not guilt.

  1. we should always think of why the other person does what they do rather than what they are doing…it would teach us patience and maybe a bit of tolerence towards other people.

  2. really sad if that kid ever goes back in she should give her an extra large treat for being such a crab xxjen

  3. Yes the girl was so eager to be kind and leave a tip that she just settled for the plain ice cream treat even though without the tip she could have indulged with the yummy strawberry flavoured alternative…

    Not everyone are so greedy, or indeed so rudely impatient

    Androgoth Xx

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